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any party who in their manifesto's first line has a gi joe quote is one that I want to be a part of

Evil Dynovac

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I read the first page but am still ignorant as to what SORP is.

Is that a MP or a YP?


(My Problem - Your Problem)
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Its worth the read, trust me.


"A little know fact is that nearly 98% of all law enforcement is actually a part of the Agents Of SORP. True! This comes in handy when you get pulled over for say, going 75 MPH through a school zone with children present, you see Agents of SORP are all under the sacred oath, not to site each other for wrong doings! However, of course you will need to identify yourself as a member of SORP by using the age-old secret phrase:

“What is your problem, ass rammer?”

The age-old response to this is-

“Would you step from the vehicle?”

To which you should respond-

“No problem, fag bag. You like it in the ass you over glorified parking maid? You smell like rancid dysentery”

The typical response should be a series of severe blows to your head by a nightstick or other baton-like object. Congratulations! You are using the secret language of SORP affluently now!"