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sony TCD-D7 for sale

Mike Goodwin

TRIBE Member
I have a sony tcd-d7 for sale.

I have a very study road case that I had made for it as well as the power adapter for it.

The case and the power adapter for the unit alone cost me $200.

The unit has seen some use but it works fine. The one thing that is "wrong" with it is I removed the switch from the side that enables it to record at lower than 44.1 sampling rates so it would not get switched on in live situations.

I have about 4 Dat tapes for it as well as a head cleaner tape.

I would be willing to let it all go for $650.00. I saw one in song bird music last week going for 600 and it did not have all the trimmings that I am offering with it. I feel that it is a pretty good deal. I would also be willing to trade it for a begringer tube composer if some one has one kicking around.


Mike G.
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