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sony net n707 md for sale (again)


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My brother is selling his sony minidisc player, model MZ-N707. It is one year old but has been used like 3 times, some of the cables are still in original wrapping.

Comes with

dock , cradle
ac adapter
USB cable blank MD
Cd software
car kit (tape and charger for the car)
also comes with a 24 month warrantly plan with about 10 months left on it
and 2 pouches one for a belt and one for somethign else... dont know what

its a steel blue
comes also with the receipt in case you want the warranty.

$200 OBO

pm me for details I can drop it off if youre interested

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This is a great deal for this MD.

I originally snapped it up, but after testing it and carefully considering my options I have opted for a portable hard disc recorder such as a Nomad Jukebox 3 so that I can record my gigs at full quality and have more storage space.

However, for normal walkman use, this is a real score.

Getn it while you can kids!


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I record sets all the time and have had no problem what so ever with this model.

I think the sound quality is great (60 mins recording) and totally fine (>60 min recording).

with some good headphones youll be fine.
the only downside is moving the recording to hd which has to be through analog.
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dylan I still gotta get those cables. Hold on to them will you?

I'll call you soon.

Anyways- bump*
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its newer than new. my bro is real anal with his stuff, so when he used he he used it with gloves :p (well not that anal but you can figure hes delicate)

lemme know wilson, 180 and we will split shipping (?)