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Sony is a 4 letter word


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It's a very interesting spotlight being put on Sony's dirty laundry with those "hacks". On one hand I'm not surprised, since it is a multinational media conglomerate, but on the other I am surprised that people would actually put such content into an email. Obviously their IT never believed in a shorter-term retention policy, or security for that matter.

Execs worried that the James Bond movie sucks
James Bond Spectre film suffers Sony Pictures leak | Daily Mail Online

Flash Boys copywriter paid millions but worried about finding Asian actor
Sony's Amy Pascal alleges Aaron Sorkin is 'sleeping with Molly Bloom' in leaked emails | Daily Mail Online

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams paid significantly less than male American Hustle co-stars
Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams paid less than male American Hustle co-stars | Daily Mail Online

It's tough to move up if your not of a certain persuasion
Sony employee alleges rampant workplace racism in leaked email | Daily Mail Online

Aggressive legal action against Bill Murray for the new Ghostbusters??
Sony mulled legal action after Murray 'Ghostbusters' snub - NY Daily News

Angelina J gets called a spoiled brat
Angelina Jolie stares down Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal - NY Daily News

PR hack gets fired
‘Fire Your P.R. Guy’ E-Mail Sends Sony Exec Out the Door - Bloomberg

Media companies also think Google is evil
Project Goliath: Inside Hollywood's secret war against Google | The Verge

And then of course there are those movies...
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
Sony pictures has had a very poor bout of morale - they did a huge cutback on staff not that long ago (which makes a disgruntled employee a much more likely suspect for the hack than North Korea does), and people who've worked there have said it's pretty close to working in hell.

I found the internal review of staff's thoughts on the company pretty amusing - a lot of dislike for Adam Sandler's movies and asking why they keep working with him.