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Sonic announces launch


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--- has this been posted? meh, its the hardcore forum.

[FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica]Toronto, Canada April 7, 2006 Grammy Award Winner and owner of Stereo Nightclub in Montreal, David Morales along with his partner local entrepreneur Nevio Persia will be opening Toronto’s highly anticipated after-hours and event space Sonic Nightclub at 270 Spadina Avenue in the heart of downtown Toronto on Saturday April 29, 2006. Opening night will feature David Morales alongside the Legendary Frankie Knuckles and Nevio Persia.

A true vanguard in the world of dance music, the efforts of Brooklyn’s own David Morales remain unparalleled. As a producer, he’s enjoyed multiple Grammy nominations (including a win in 1998 for Remixer of the Year) and hit records (from his own to Mariah Carey’s 1996 album Fantasy). Morales has also countered the generally faceless world of dance music as a visible icon and is currently lending his celebrity and face to the ALDO Fights AIDS campaign benefiting the global HIV/AIDS prevention initiative, YouthAIDS. The campaign launched in March in over twenty countries around the world. Please visit www.youthaids-aldo.org for more details.

With residencies at Crobar NYC, Stereo Montreal, 10 years at Echoes in Rimini Italy and 6 years every Saturday at Pacha in Ibiza along with the entire Def Mix Roster, David is guaranteed to bring the sounds of the world’s dance floor to Sonic Nightclub. For more information please see attached biography or www.defmix.com.

Nevio Persia has been involved with Toronto’s electronic music culture and club scene for the past 15 years, whether it was behind the decks or behind the scenes. His love for dance music and his friendship with David led to the collaboration and birth of Sonic Nightclub. He is dedicated to creating a supreme atmosphere, not only as an owner but also as one of the clubs residence DJs.

David and Nevio have taken great steps to invigorate the space at 270 Spadina Avenue which was previously an old theatre. They started with the dance floor and the application of hardwood for the ultimate dancing experience. Precipice Studios – Toronto’s hot design firm that have given us Lobby, The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Salon Jie - have prepared Moroccan accents for the room that will include plush banquet seating areas and a redesigned entrance.

Careful detail has been paid to the custom built sound system which compliments the hardwood floors and gives rich, warm and inviting sound, which is the same concept that gained Stereo the reputation of having one of the best sounding rooms in the world. The Paradise Garage inspired lighting designed by Dymax enhances the sensuality and vibrancy of the venue and will prove to be the best lighting show in town.

Musically Sonic Nightclub will feature residencies from international artists such as David Morales, Billy Carroll, and Chus & Ceballos with support from Stereo’s DJs and local talent such as Nevio Persia, Sean Miller and Cajjmere Wray. Talent does not stop there - as a cast of Toronto’s premier performance artists along with International recording artists will be onsite providing aural and visual theatrics throughout the evening.

To support the entire operation, Sonic Nightclub is made up of professionals from the industry whom have been in the business for over 20 years. The combination of youthful and trendsetting directors and a stellar marketing team know how to bring the right talent and produce an epic style event on a constant basis.

The Sonic Family includes:

David Morales – Owner / Resident DJ, Nevio Persia – Owner / Resident DJ, Steven Barkin – Owner/CEO, Jennstar – Bon Vivant, Marketing, PR and Promotions Specialist, Carey Britt – Talent Buyer, Gairy Brown – Creative Director, Gavin Bryan – Counciliary / Host (Industry Nightclub), Mike Matar – Host / Club Diva, YYZ Entertainment – Host, Exposed Entertainment – Host, Tara Hendela – Host, Jeff Button – Host and Ralf Madi – Counciliary / Host (Project Orange/ZRF).
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why do they have an announcement for sonic saturdays for TODAY (april 11) w/ Tedd Patterson & Nevio?


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sounds like they really changed the inside - It'll be interesting to see if they manage to pull off the crowd in toronto -
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note friends listed on that myspace page................interesting...............

I wonder if when it opens there will be tribers who will love it and deny it has any faults.......and if there will also be people who hate it without ever setting foot in it................


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Wiseman said:
note friends listed on that myspace page................interesting...............

;) :D
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Rumor has it that I can't wait for sonic to open. Carey is gonna bring the best and brightest to Toronto - just like in the olden days when Boa was still there. Only better cause its not Boa..