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Sonic and Silver


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I wasn't fussed with the stuff they started out making...all a bit too hardcorey and old skool sounding for my current tastes.

But, their last few releases have been fantastic.

'Hard Times/Deep End' on Timeless is one of the most solid 12's i've ever bought.

'Summer of Love/Soul Food' shows that they have a soulful and funky side.

Next week 'It came from Outer Space/Can you feel' it is out and they both kick ass.

then there's the upcoming 'Even when it rains' on Infrared.

These boys are hot...and certain to become heavyweights with this type of form.


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Has anyone heard the Disco remix of 'Even when it rains'???

fucking brilliant...the new 'Spaced Invaderz'.

I love this sound.

Anyone know when their album is due?