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Song in a Nike Commercial


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I am desperately looking for the song that plays over a recent Nike Ad. The ad is of a dude dribbling a basketball down a sidewalk, secretly following a big black dude holding a briefcase.

The guy is a super dribbler, and he spins around an old chinese woman and everything. Finally the big black dude has enough, and he tries to swipe the ball in an alleyway.

Anyways, the song playing over this is wicked and I really want to know what it is.

Its a sexy female vocal, singin 'in the cool of the evening....when everything is feelin kinda groovy'

im sure its a famous song, because it feels like ive heard it a million times...but i need the freakin title cause its drivin me nuts!

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the first time i heard that ad i said to my brother, "damn what a hype song." don't know what it is though. :)


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I called Nike for you and for me and the soneg is called:


by: Dusty Springfield

Available on Universal Records or through your local P2P pirating software company.

Im looking for it now.......

damn that song is off the hook


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these guys listen to it all day long....

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however the song is protected from copyright abuse on AudioaGalaxy. and its rare on Kazaa.


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QTIP u da man! Thats the fuckin song!

Wicked start to the day...

BTW, just type in springfield and spooky and there is a version u can grab off audiogalaxy.

Thanx man!


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that track is wikkid!!!!!!!

its on the lock, stock and two smoking barells sound track.