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Sonar 2010 (for Erika)

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by deevah, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    ...and others who care to read (or stalk) my drivel:

    It was a juggle between music and sight-seeing and somehow managing to get sleep and forage for food.

    It seemed like we were there for the Ghoa Beach Club festival than Sonar. Ghoa is a new fantastic venue, in St Adria near the Olympic Forum. Great sound system for outdoors, large capacity, tented in case of weather.

    Day 1: Opening party - A Desolat Experience @ Ghoa: Buttrich, Loco-Dice, Marco Carola, David Squillace and others I don't care to remember.

    Seemed like a decent line up right? WRONG.

    Got there by midnight and the doors still hadn't opened. Massive line up out front of probably 1000 people. Club is new and by the end of the trip, I learned the Spaniards really aren't known for their efficiency. Stood back and watched the crowds try to push into the unopened club while my friends enjoyed €1 cervesas from peddlars. Must've been Buttrich opening before we got into the club as we never saw him, sounded ok from the outside. They didn't even verify our email passes when we walked in...could've made a zillion copies.

    Entire night was full of Beyonce techno (one note techno) and kemikal kidz. Crowd was young and one of my buds was harrassed no less than 15x in 1 hr for MDMA. Musical fail, crowd fail. The eurotrash seemed to enjoy the so-called music. It was dance music for those that can't dance. I was crabby.

    Loco-Dice ended going b2b with Carola. You could hear the switch up without even looking at who was playing. Whenever it got dull, it was Carola...much like his hour set before they went b2b. *snore

    Huge fail of a night musically. So bad that I woke up with severe neck pain - had me bent out of shape that badly.

    Day 2 Off to Sonar by Night whilst my friends suffer thru Dubfire + Cadenza party.

    Woke up crabby. After a heated morning (actuality, 7pm) discussion of where to venture, I put my foot down as my partners in crime were adamant about going to Dubfire's gig at the venue next to Ghoa Beach. Yes I understand Dubfire gave us free passes, but after the previous night's music fiasco, I was in no mood to self-sacrifice.

    Went to Sonar by Night instead - caught Mary Anne Hobbs who was energetic behind the decks with some fun tunes. Highlight was Joy Orbison - MC was perfect, tune after tune. Followed by Flying Lotus - great PA. Will catch both of these acts again @ Worldwide Festival next month. Outdoor section of the venue that went from sparse to ~ 3000 people in about the span of 45 min.

    Met up again with my friends at Ghoa - walked in just in time for Ricardo Villalobos to take the decks with the Cocoon crew behind the booth. Less packed then the night before, less solicitation for chems, perfect setting. AMAZING. Ricky had crazy edits of tunes, old & new, dropping in samples as just teasers behind eclectic beats. Acid Loop, Ride Committee's Get Huh, and ah shit, I can't remember now. Watched the sunrise over the club as they closed just after 6am. Oh Ricky you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind HEY RICKY

    Oh and the report was Dubfire sucked.

    Friends caught Dixon at the Beatport party which I slept thru which I heard was very good.

    Day 3 Sonar by Day, Ghoa again and Jaar/Coutu Dumounte/Isolee

    I try to never miss Moodymann. Caught him for most of the set, he's dropping ridiculosity - BT Express, P-Funk, LL Cool J's "I'm the type of guy". No white screen antics, just KDJ, a mic, all vinyls and bringing back some rollerdome grooves.

    Wanted to catch Reboot and Luciano at Ghoa - got there for sunset and some opener DJ that played way too long at the same bpm, in the same key with the same bloody kick drum. Had to leave to get some sustenance in order to avoid losing it. Came back for Reboot who was disappointing - back to Beyonce techno, nothing like their mixes online. Missed Luciano (again!) as he wasn't going on until well after 2. So long Ghoa, it's been ummm...swell. Oh and by the 3rd day, they finally managed to acquire bracelets and check ID to go with the passes.

    Off to Be Cool back in the city. Little club with a rotating dancefloor, dark and smokey. Felt a little like the Zone back in the day minus the zombies. Waited a while for Nicolas Jaar to start his live PA - it was interesting, him using an old school studio mic (think Elvis Presley) for some vocals, sprinkled with some jazzy keys, beats were still 4x4. Young kid, good experimentation, one to watch in the up & coming.

    Caught some Guillame & the Coutu Dumontes. Funkiest beats of the night from the transplanted Mtler but had quite enough of the evening and called it quits. Missed Isolee but heard it was good.

    Musically was a little disappointed overall but managed to catch some good acts. I think next time I will spend more time at the festival itself and be very selective in the off-Sonar gigs - not to mention will have more a controlling stake in events. This is what happens when I let someone else (whose tastes have been declared suspect) drive.
  2. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    Man, your second day sounds so wikked...
  3. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    ya, I needed a dubstep/dnb fix and it served nicely.

    Villalobos was the main act I wanted to catch for this festival due to the no-show at DEMF. Totally worth it, he's is prize billing. Feedback from the euros was he's hit or miss depending on how many days of partying the Cocoon crew has divulged in previous to the gig. They know how to get down - act incl some blondes and their attempts to vogue. There were so many of them it was definitely open to jokes about how many douches can you fit into DJ booth. Ricky was dancing behind the decks throughout his entire set. He was definitely on that night. Even the very particular Frenchman I was with who "didn't care" (pls say w/ french accent, eyes closed, down-turned mouth) for Villalobos thought the set was aces.

    You would've liked it Tobes.
  4. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    Merci Madame - now that's a review :)
  5. wickedken

    wickedken TRIBE Member

    sweet Villalobos is the one act I have somehow missed. can't really recall any time he's been in TO.
  6. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    He's done Mutek but not TO from what I can recall either...he's one I've been trying to chase down. Very rare for him to have North American bookings. Ibiza is probably your best bet.
  7. Destro Sanchez

    Destro Sanchez TRIBE Member

    He played Element on Queen West before he really blew up (along with his ego)

    Was a Sunday on a long weekend maybe? Or maybe just a regular Mission Thursday night set... Was at least 7 years ago.

    edit - it was amazing as fuck. and i have a hardcopy photo to prove it. (although he turned his head right when I was snappin!)
  8. Spinsah

    Spinsah TRIBE Member

    Thanks for the review, deevs. Ricardo is one of those djs you really need to see live to "get", and glad to hear he was on, I know that many promoters have to send a wrangler down to the event he plays prior to theirs to ensure that he gets on the plane and makes theirs.

    And really intrigued by the Jaar review, as far as I'm concerned he's one of the freshest producers in the world right now.
  9. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    not to mention Jaar is a cutie p'tootie :D

    I remembered this wkend how I was tempted to twitter @fattybellybella (Erykah Badu) during the opening party to see how'd she'd respond to someone playing the hard house version of "On and On". I felt unclean after hearing it.

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