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something weird happened to me. HELP!


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i was listening to music on beatport and talking on msn to this guy that i am thinking about buying a G5 from.

so he goes to show it to me on his webcam. i accept the invitation and msn loads up that little side window, it doesnt load the camera image and just shuts down. the guy says to me "that was weird" so we try again and it works fine. EXCEPT at the exact same time the first attempt shut down i heard a bit of an odd sound and beatport stopped playing. i paid no attention really. but then later on, i noticed now no mp3, wav file or divx file will play audio. i tired several different programs and file types (even tried playing a cd in the drive.) still no sound.

EXECPT in ableton live. it works perfectly. it will play samples of wavs, mp3s, all my vsts still get sounds, my tracks that i made all load and play fine.

i have an maudio deltafile 2496 soundcard.

So WTF?? I need to know two things...

1. could this have anything to do with the guy im thnking about buying the computer from? could he have done something to my comp? ive never had any problems before

2. how can i even begin to try and fix this prob?

tribers help...


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i removed the driver and reinstalled the older version from the cd and i got audio back. but im still wondering why this could have happened?


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it sounds like your playback device may have been set to your default sound card and not your maudio. i've had this happen to me.

Control Panel / Sounds and Audio Devices / Audio tab / Sound playback default device. Set that to the card that's plugged into your speakers or amp or whatevs..