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Something to talk about!!!


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How many of you feel emberrassed about yourselves when you think about the past(ie. the way you used to dress)
Most people I talk to that used to party, turn red when I mention hardcore(anystyle).
So, do you and why ?? you were only having fun.
Most people think I'm into hip hop becasue of my clothes. I spin breaks, love trance and Hardcore, I like listening to classical music when driving and I don't listen to hip hop.
Again, how many of you on this board listen to Hardcore and attend the events.
P.S. Hi Bonk Bonk(ask Meagan what it means)
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I never was a full-on kandE kid or did the whole bracelet exchange thing.

I still listen to hardcore on a daily basis, I don't turn red when someone mentions hardcore because most of the people I talk to also listen to it.

Why feel embarassed about the past? Memories are somewhat foggy, but I do remember having an amazing time in my younger rave days and wouldn't change them for anything.

I'm a hardcore dj and mainly attend hardcore events.


*who's Meagan?*


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Ya, you could say i was a kand-e-kid

hell, my nick was AfrO bOy because I always wore an afro to parties. I own a few pairs on fun fur pants...

after a while i was into the preppy raver look. phat pants and either a shirt and tie or a shirt and a vest.

i'm not embarassed about it at all. the only part i dont like showing the pictures for is cause my eyes are always huge and i have cracked out looks :)

I listen to hardcore allll the time. in cycles though. right now im on it but next week i might be into punk again and then the week after be right back into hardcore.

If i were still living in toronto i'd be at hardcore parties ALLL the time. Although it does look like i'll be hitting up the next hulla


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i was not really a candy kid but I love most forms of hardcore once you get over say 220 is when I think it is just noise

I attend maybe 75% of the hardcore events in the city its just the music I really like and I am very militant to those who slag on it
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I get a lot of flack from my friends about still being into hardcore...some of them never got into it, and others just for a little while...I still think hardcores fucking awesome, and Im not embarassed about it. I dont really equate happy hardcore with hardcore, though im into both...ill still go to the odd hardcore parties, though it gets increasingly difficult to get friends to come with..


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I've always pretty much dressed tha same...

sometimes my pants got phatter than at other times, but it was always pretty simple... i DID have my candy stage, bu i never over did it, so even in pics, it's hard to tell....


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Its funny living in BC, esp on vancouver island, hardcore doesnt really exist. people here can barley keep up with anything over 140 let alone 200+ BPM , I still love it. I listen to my old tapes sometimes when I'm doing dishes or driving and need to be somewhere fast.
I still hold all the old dominik mixes close to my heart although most of my favs I lost when while moving.

as for the clothing aspect. I'm by nomeans embarrased about what I used to wear. ( lots of snug, fiction, lithium etc) actually I still wear alot of it lithium have grown and changed with the times fiction has as well even though its really really hard to find out here, and I have one pair of snug pants that I still wear but they are basically normal jeans and the only way you can tell is that "Snug ind" is embroydered on the bottom cuff of one of the legs.
My closit has a host of 32'' bottom pants that could house a small family if need be. ( actaully I'm going ot make curtains out of them)