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something new for the tribe trance room!


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Download MP3: CLICK HERE
96KBPS Audio Streaming: CLICK HERE

Track Listing:
Scott Mac pres De-progression & AJ Gibson - Twilight (Jelle Faber Remix)
Orion Too - Hope and Wait (Nord vs Bonka Remix)
Mind One - Star for Me (Pulser's UK Vocal Mix)
Reysan Khan - Shi-du 2000 (VOODI Remix)
Cern - The Message (Northern Mix)
Rapid Eye - Santa Cruz (Rapid Eye Mix)
Sun Decade - Follow You
St John vs Locust - Mind Circles
Dreas Presents Havannah - Havannah
Rollerball - Albinoni (Above and Beyond Mix)
Gavyn Mytchel - Forbidden (Smith & Pledger Remix)
Pervading Call - Destiny (Skydiver Remix)
Ernesto vs Bastian - A Few Seconds After Trancefer

Booking Information:

and a BIG thanks to JayBrain from funkstate.com for one again hosting the mix and doing the artwork!

go team shameless selfpromotion! :D
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Christ something new alright.....

There might as well be tumble weeds going across the scene when ya come in here.
By the sounds of the tracklisting...this should be a good mix.
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nice mix. its on its 5 rotation in my car cd player.
and nice pic selection for the cover image. ;)


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this mix has now been posted at http://dj.vidman.ca/nuera

the site has been redesigned and melodic NRG has been added under the download mixes section. two other mixes, epic endings, and colours, are also available for download.

thanks for the feedback, and check out the new website.

ps. i did it myself, hense its ghettoness.