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Something is amiss with the server's provider


Staff member
I did not change the DNS for tribemagazine.com until 2 hours ago.
I first tested the DNS move with another domain of ours to be sure the server was configured properly. Once that looked OK in all aspects I went ahead and changed over the main DNS.

My Linux guy said this was the safe way to do such things. If there were any problems we would have fixed them.The server move has been quite smooth so far don't you reckon?

The new server seems to be operating well. Each CPU was running at less than 10% capacity at peak time today. Server loads were hovering around .08.
The old server was running at 98% all the time with loads at 12.0, 13.0, 16.0.

Since midnight we have served 86,000+ pages and there is always at least 200 people on the board at any moment during the day.

YAY Dell. YAY Benny K (Linux guy), YAY Eva2000 (vBulletin optimizer).YAY deep for talking me into the new software.


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Originally posted by alexd
YAY deep for talking me into the new software.

Hey, I was pushing for VB too. :D

Alright, that makes sense then...I was under the impression the DNS change was made days ago. Another board I'm on just switched providers and they were having weird problems too(router advertising classful addresses).
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Its actually quite complicated to move 10 sites and a bunch of data to a whole new machine. Its all about testing and re-testing.

The photo gallery is next.

It hasn't been updated in months because of the anticipated move, but we are going to move it this weekend and then update all the galleries.