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Someone recommend me some good afro-cuban / latino music

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If you're looking for the more simple contemplative stuff, Mercedes Sosa and Silvio Rodriguez are two I'd recommend.



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I'm surprised this thread has gone two pages without anyone mentioning Antibalas...
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Antibalas are amazing; two things though:
- Of late, with the exception of the gig you mention, they have been veering more into jazz territory (very good also, just not the same)
- I saw them a bunch of times and found that the studio work just didn't capture how good they were live.


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some good recommendations in here already - def check out Fania, SoulJazz

GP also has some other compilations - "In africa" and "in Brazil" - both are stellar per his usual standard. Check the remixes of the Havana Cultura - the Michel Cleis remix of Rezando is bouncing. Roberto Fonesca is the pianist on the album and he's an accomplished musician in his own right. Danay, the female vocalist from the HC album also has some new stuff out on GP's Brownswood label. Also check the Owiny Sigoma band.

Patrick Forge also has a Brazil compilation, his tastes are reliable. There's a series of compilations out there called Sambass which is brazilian dnb - some neat stuff on there.

Check stuff from Irakerer for some cuban funk. If you dig on Buena Vista Social Club - check out Ibrahim Ferrer and Ruben Gonzalez - both are band members but have independent projects.

La Lupe if you've never heard of her - she's got a version of Fever that's fabulous.


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