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- Someone Like You

Metal Morphosis

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Please help me, i'm looking for a specific mix of this track (although it could be the original???).
I have the lange mix - it's not it.
The one i'm looking for is really long (like 12 min) it's very epic, up and down, each time a little higher and one solid MASSIVE build close to the end.

It's really irritating me that i can't find it so any help is appreciated.

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Metal Morphosis

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I've tried both... and they're not the right one

lisa <--- still searching.


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Is there any vocals? Or title track?
You say you have the Lange mix...of what?
You decribed about 1/2 the Trance gendre...lol


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Fir3start3r:

You say you have the Lange mix...of what?

of "Someone" by Ascension or so says the thread topic
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