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Someone help me with my new MiniDisc


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Is it possible for me to take a 60 minute music file (say, a live set) that is on my hard drive and put "track markers" in it before I "check out" (ie burn it to a MD?)

I know you can do it with recorded files, but I can't find anything that lets me do it with mp3s already on my computer.

This thing is so f'en complicated!!


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but it won't let me do that if the tracks on the MD have already been checked out.

Apparently I need to check them back in and edit, but when I do that, there's no edit function.



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Yeah, I see the button. But it says in the manual that you can't put in track markers in a file if it's already checked out.

This is a set I downloaded from the internet...not anything I recorded. I am still able to put track marks in stuff I record.

And I'd like to know how many mins of music I can fit on here...I just transferred two sets and the thing says its full!
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well i dunno abou the check in/check out part cause it sounds like you are using a netMD and mine is a good old fashioned minidisc player that records in real time.

re. the # of mins you can record...does your md have lp2 and lp4 technology?

lp2 will give you twice the amount of space on your md (160 mins for an 80 min disc 148 for a 74 min disc, etc). it will compress the audio, but i think in terms of quality, its the same as a 128k mp3 file.

lp4 will give you 4 times the space, but the quality will be reduced a great deal...like 48k or something or other...



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I do have net MD.

It also says that if I record a file into the MD, I CANNOT transfer that file on to my computer.

So how the hell am I supposed to record my sets and then share them?!!?!?


I'm starting to sweat I've been at this so long.
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OK, did a search and decided it's not so bad.
There is a way to get sets back to the PC but it's real-time analog but hey, I'm not going to be doing that too too often.

This track marker thing sucks...must fix that.


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I was going to say, not all MD's have that quick dump feature, in or out. I do find it strange that you can't edit tracks on the player itself. I know mine can and I'm pretty sure it's a standard feature.

you could try getting an optical cable for it to get to the PC, but I think that would just make it clearer and not neccesarily faster.

on the topic - does anyone know of good repair shops? my portable needs a tune up as it's not liking my discs at the moment.

jus me

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My sis just got one for x-mas, found out the program won't run on windows 98. hahhaha. now she has upgrade!

i'm glad i got an mp3 player. :D


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I have an older minidisc and my only complaint with it is it doesn't have USB.

But on the other hand everyone that gets a newer one has all these finickey problems that seem pretty preventable by the maker, most likely being Sony. I respected Sony alot because of them relentlessly promoting MDs when there wasn't too much interest in them but I fear they've pretty much destroyed their own market here.
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