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Somebody, pick a fight with me!

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DJAlchemy:
^ ya that goes for all you PUNKS in the press who wanna print lies instead of the thing we said.... that means YOU alex D at hit parader... circus magazine, MC Bias @ spin what you pissed off cause your dad gets more pussy then you?!@? Fuck you! suck my fuckin dick! you be rippin off the kids who spending their hard earned money to read about the tribers they wanna know about... printin lies startin contoversy... you wanna antagonize me muther fucker? get in the ring muther fucker! an I'll kick youre bitchy little ass! PUNK!

*air guitar solo*

Peace & love. D

big ups to Axl R and the g 'n r krew!