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some thoughts...


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a little analogy from a book a recently finished entitled orbiting the giant hairball...

(it's been edited a little)

as you are waiting to be born the creator drops by to wish you luck and asks you to do her a favour..."would you take this artists canvas with you and paint a masterpiece for me? I'd really appreciate that"...no problem you reply...you take the canvas, roll it up, tuck it under your arm and prepare for your journey...

the journey is just as predicted through the long dark tunnel and into a bright room...some doctor and nurse look down at you and gasp in amazement

"look! the little kids carrying a rolled up artists canvas!"

knowing you do not have the skills to do anything meaningful with your canvas the big people take it away and give it to society for safekeeping until you have acquired the prescribed skills requisite to the canvas's return...While society is holding the canvas it cannot resist the temptation to unroll the canvas and draw pale blue lines and little numbers all over it's virgin surface...eventually the canvas is returned to you, it's rightful owner...however it now carries the implied message that if you paint inside the blue lines and follow the instructions of the little blue numbers your life will be a masterpiece...

and that is a lie.

for years i painted inside the lines...but as i pulled back from the canvas it looked awful...this did not illustrate who i am or speak of whom i could become...but this is the past...

today i wield a wider brush, creating the funniest, fierce big dragon i can...because that has more to do with what's inside of me than some prescribed plagiarism of somebody else's tour de force...

if you go to your grave without painting your masterpiece,
it will not get painted.
No one else can paint it.

Only you.

(copied in the most part from orbiting the giant hairball, no permission, etc, but what the hell)


(i received this book as a gift from a truly inspirational manager a short time ago...i'm not usually into this type of stuff, but wanted to share it with everyone...the book itself is actually written by the former creative head of hallmark cards...more business than anything, but not a bad read...)
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