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Some Software help?


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I'm looking to draw/draft a small floor plan, but I need the dimensions inputted to be accurate, because I want to plan out the use of space, and the placement of the furniture and filing units that will be going in there next week.

Anyone know of anything I could use to do this? MS Visio does this, but lamely enough you can't make the dimensions real, so it's rather useless.


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i used this software called 3d home architect years ago (win3.1). i'm not sure if it's still around though. it did the job nicely though.

if you need pro stuff then try getting some kind of CAD program.


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it is still around, I can't find any **free** sites to d/l it from due to the chaos that is my work. I'll look when I get home -- anyone know of some possible sites that may have free copies? :)