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some records


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some winter cleaning:
40 + house and techno records for sale years range from 1983- 2011
Culture Beat-Take Me Away [Sony Music Entertanment] 1996
Plump Djs A Plump Night Out [Fingerlicking Records] 2000
Agh- Yummy 99 [Mafddap-010 Records]1999
Toi- Funk Productions >>Ladies & Gentlemen<< [Records Of Interest] 2000
Odd Pieces #03 [Sub Static Records] 2005
Johnny Fiasco- "hifi series one" [Ultrasound Recordings] 2002
Voice of The Underground [La Fete]
Luke And Hardsoul Feat. Terra Deva- Colourful Karma For The Music [3345
Toka Project - Toe 2 Toe EP [Mobile Trax] 2004
Taron Trekka - Grom Attaf EP [Freude Am Tanzen] 2011 still Sealed
Markus Homm & Frank Nova / Solar & Poppcke – SÖBEN [Ostwind Ltd] 2008 near mint
The Alan Parsons project-the Best of [Arista Records] 1983
Judy Torres- Love You Will you Love Me[Profile Records] 1989
Schmoov! - Destination Remixes [DIY Discs] 2001
Kazimir Ft Carol C - Memories [Sebeich Music] 2000
Femi Kuti - Truth Don Die (Kerry Chandler Mix) [MCA] 2000
Scott Pace & Paul Paredes - Juice Ep [Mouthful Chicago] 2003
Dope on Plastic 6 [REACT] 1999 Sides E/F Only
Faithless - Take the Long Way Home (Grant Nelson & 16C Remixes) [Arista]
Benno Blome - Satellite City [Sender] 2005
Furia ' El Yanero Solitario [Peerless] 1992
Jimpster – Seeing Is Believing [Kud] 2000
Dj HMC - Rapture EP [Rhythm Trax] 1999
LHK & Alex Moran - Chord Memory [Random White] 2003
Cricco Castelli - Acapulco Soul [ hipnotic] 2000
ATFC pres. Onephatdeeva ft. Lisa Millett - Bad Habit Remixes [Defected]
Golden Boy with Miss Kittin - Rippin kittin (X-press2/ freaks and tobi
neumann mixes [ladomat 2000] 2000
Tiefschwarz - Music [Wave] 1999
Onionz & Tony - Summer Ep [Tango] 2000
Tony Thomas – Amigos / Si Senor / Rich In Rhythm [Tango]2002
Shuffle - Samba [Cross Section]
Cricco Castelli - Escape from Rome EP [NRK] 1999
DJ Ryno – Don't Stop [Uhuru Beats] 2005
The Dub Duo - I love you ep [NRK] 1999
Rubber Souls - You can relate remixes [Moody Recordings] 2001
Piece Process - New Driver [Shine Music] 2004
Technasia - Force [?] 2000
Lego - Mad Flava 2X12" [Afterhours] 2000
Yeark – DREEUNTWINTIG [Ostwind] 2010 near mint
Various – Spring Sampler [CityDeep Music] 2007

$100 for the lot technics1200
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more added:

Wink - Sixth Sense [Ovum] 1998
Immobile Disco - Bring the Acid [Rocksteady] 2004 Chris Lake early deep house stuff
Karim Shaker & Simon Garcia - Descarga ! [BeatFreak] 2003
Orientalist - Fuzz Booster [Basic Energy] 1997
Hector Moralez & Chris Carrier - Who is This? [ Nightshift] 2003
Emily - The Disco Bandit [Yoshitoshi] 1999


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Have you had any success selling these records? I have a batch I'd like to put up for sale, just waiting on the queque to enable posting. It would be good to know how much interest there would be on Tribe.


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How about you, are you looking for any techno, I'm selling my entire collection. If you collect I'm sure there would be something you're interested in.
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Did someone say "Techno"? :)

Post or PM me your list - I'm interested, and I know of at least one other person who will be, too. Of course, I guess it depends on what you mean by "Techno", but let's see what you've got.


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I just signed up on Tribe, I have to wait until I can post (not enabled yet), I could get a list for you if I had your email, but I don't want to thread crap on rulz' thread here.