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Some records for Sale.. techno and breaks


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Tried to sell these a while back but the person that was going to buy them flaked and stopped returning my emails even.

so...they're sitting in drawer at my office... i have no room for them.. the lot for $50, which is something like $2.50 a record.

located at Front and Blue Jays Way... I will not hold these for anyone.. first come first serve.. There are some quality tunes here, however I never play any of them so they were taking up valuable space at home(and now work).. no one comes.. I'm throwing them from the roof of a building for fun.

PM me or email evan AT activatepromotions.com

Roni Size - Brown Paper bag (soul of man rrmx) -
Foreign Technology - Aussie Rules - 2 Wars
Sole Claw - Edge of the Earth - Pure Phunk
some white label that's not labeled... its a 2 wars release.. But not sure which one.
Moston & Malente - In the Sky -Moon0003

Rebus Tape - Drug Shaping EP - Reel Musiq
Pounding Grooves - 22
Chester Beaty - Goldenball - Disq
Andrei Morant - Out of my Head - Blueline
some white label with no label... no clue what it is
Diethich Schoenmann - Body Learn - High Octane
Stanny Franssen - 5th Galaxy Ep - Zenit
Various Artists (G-Force / Devilfish and more) - Zync
Esbo Electric - Neighbourhood - Hotshot
J.Rob - Air Du Nord - Energy Base
D.Diggler - Feel my Heat (2XEP) - Raum Musik
D.Diggler - Silberfinger - Force Tracks
Stewart Walker & Gregory Shift - South Suburban EP - Persona
DJ Liquid - Subculture: The missle Remixes - Journees (2 Copies)
Dj Liquid - San Francisco Rush EP - Journees
Reeloop - Enjoy yourself - Headline Records
Mario J - Gateway ???


One Eyed Jack - Goovy - Meaty Moosic
Renegade Master Remixes - Future Shock Mix, Doug Laurant Mix, Plante Trax - Zentimental
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several people have emailed me.. none have come through yet... 2 days before the go off a building...

$45 for the lot
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