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Some Progressive/Tribal House Records for SALE...

Crazy Serb

TRIBE Member
Vinyl is in great condition, I'd prefer local GTA buyers, but might even ship this all together if someone decides to buy it as a lot.

*** $10 each
Dj Vibe - International Grooves Volume 1 2x12" [InterGroove]
Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death 2x12"

*** $5 each
Speedy J - Loudboxer 2x12" (200 Locked Grooves)
Lexicon Avenue - From Dusk Til Dawn (Sander Kleinenberg & Weekend World Mixes) [Forensic]
Digby & Olivier - Seven Stones (Original/Dub) [Zero Tolerance]
Jas - Soul Doing Dishes (Original/Luke Fair Mix) [Yoshitoshi Promo]
Piliavin & Zimbardo - Late Night Return/Plan B [Distraekt]
Wilson Santos - Mathematical Music [Fluential]
Crash Dudez - Jabo Jabo (Tek Mix/Tribal Mix) [Hard'n Holy]
Main Element - Take Me Down (Gwill Morris/Infusion Mix) [Silver Planet]
Pete Bones - Solo (Original/Earth Deuley Mix) [Red Ant]
Urban Dwellers - Loverman (Blackwatch/Satoshi Tomiie Mixes) [PitchBlack]
Moda - Zaire [Tonikin Promo]
Liam Shachar - Senses [Release Elements Promo]
Aetherius - Warrior Cry/Warriors Charge [Wallop]
Swain, Snell & Lucas present Leatherhead - Floods of Water (Dub)/Travelling (Swain & Snell Mix) [Shinichi]
Oscar G - Space (Chus & Ceballos Iberican Mix/Tony Thomas Mix) [Future Groove]
Dallas Kiss - Revelation (Blackwatch Quattro Mix/Original Mix) [Automatic]
Nugen - Braaj (Lemon8 Inner Sanctuary Mix/Original/Nathan Maners Breaks Mix) [Release Promo]

or take them all for $80 (o.b.o)

NOTE: preference will be given to those buying the most amount of records (or all of them).
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