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Some People Take Disgusting to New Heights

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this story is fucking horrible, and even more sickening because it didnt happen in some little redneck town in southern alabama.

Grade 2 girl sexually assaulted at school
Last Updated Tue, 04 Apr 2006 00:29:14 EDT
CBC News

Edmonton police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a Grade 2 student in a school washroom.

The reported attack on Monday horrified teachers and parents at the Oliver School, leading to a policy where school doors will be locked and children will be asked to go to the washroom in pairs.

Oliver School in Edmonton is not equipped with security cameras and it is not known how the attacker slipped into the washroom. (CBC)
"This is our highest priority case. There is nothing of more priority in this city at this time," Police chief Mike Boyd told reporters outside the school.

The morning assault happened when the young girl rushed into the washroom on her way out to recess, police said.

A strange man who was hiding in the washroom dragged her into a stall and sexually assaulted her before running away, they said.

Police closed the school for two hours while they searched for the offender, but he had already escaped.

Nobody knows how the man got into the school washroom. He apparently sneaked through the front door and past the school office without being seen.

There are no security cameras in the school.

Police are seeking a 30-year-old man with a red jacket and orange or yellow streaks in his hair.
what the hell is wrong with some people?!
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Sad that schools have to literally lock their kids up to be safer. I totally support increased security measures in school. Kids should definitely have to buddy up for the washroom and side entrances should be locked.
I've worked in and visited at least 10 schools this year, public and Catholic boards. Generally it would be easy to sneak in and hide in a washroom. Washrooms are often in the basement, away from any classrooms. When I enter the school sometimes no one sees me come in as the main office is down the hall or closed off. I've been able to take kids out of their classes even when the teachers don't really know who I am. I've never been asked to show my criminal check card or any sort of proof of who I am. Then I'm allowed to take the student to an empty room and they close the door! (this drives me nuts as you're never supposed to be closed off with a child one on one).
The safest schools are those where you have to enter in the front and there's a windowed main office directly in front of you. Not too many are like this unfortunately, especially older buildings. Only two schools I've been to have a strict sign in system and staff monitoring who comes in.