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Some news...well..for some of us this will be news:

Discussion in 'Progressive Room' started by chipotle, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. chipotle

    chipotle Well-Known TRIBEr

    this is definetly in the prog. vein.. and it has good news for Pako and Frederik fans and G.U fans.. like myself.


    Just as Hollywood has its famous duos like Martin & Lewis, Laurel & Hardy, Abbot & Costello and Pryor & Wilder, so too does the world of dance music with names like Sasha & Digweed, Saeed & Palash, Smith & Selway and, of course, Pako & Frederik (a.k.a. Sekander Raisani and Frederik Borgesius), who have been making waves in clubland for about a decade now.

    Since their first collaboration in 1993 (‘Vauvenage’, co-produced with DJ Remy), Pako & Frederik have gone on to release and remix on labels like Absolut, Nervous, Statra, Bedrock, Ladybird, Push & Pull and many more. Their biggest impact came in 1996 with the Majestic Project, their label and production alias which saw their names explode into the record boxes of DJs as diverse as Carl Cox, Derrick Carter, Anthony Pappa and Slam, amongst others.

    As was reported by Xpander in early July, the Pako & Frederik precedent will be set with the release of their debut album this September. It will also coincidentally be the first full artist album released on the recently rejuvenated Global Underground label. Promising 13 tracks, the new CD album will run the gamut from trip-hop to full-on dance floor fare, all continuously mixed into a musical storytelling approach with 12” singles to follow. While the production partners have yet to decide on a name for the forthcoming album, Frederik did see fit to share a few words for Xpander’s patented 10 questions.


    DJ/producer name: Pako & Frederik, Raisani & Borgesius
    Real name: Sekander Raisani & Frederik Borgesius
    Age:pako: 30 & Frederik: 29
    From: The Hague, Holland

    1. Which CD did not leave your CD player last months?
    Mixmaster Mike’s latest album

    2. What are the best three movies you have ever seen and why?
    a) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – why? Well, pretty obvious innit?
    b) Mystery Science Theatre – why: brilliant concept and incredibly funny
    c) Battle Royale – little Japanese girls running around in school uniforms killing each other, lovely!

    3. What's the craziest moment you've ever experienced as a DJ during your set?
    Erhh… A total blackout is always pretty weird…

    4. Are there any DJ skills you have yet to master?
    Not finishing all drinking tickets during the first hour in a club

    5. What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt in the business?
    Don’t believe the hype

    6. To what degree do you think the internet is having an influence over dance music?
    Well, you could write loads of books on this subject. But that would take a bit too much of our time and of your server space.

    E-Magazines: great. It’s especially cool that net-based mags can react so quickly.

    Email / Business: couldn’t live without email anymore. And business wise everything is so much easier now…

    Downloads: There is a problem… lots of labels and artists are suffering very badly, or aren’t even surviving because the sales are just a fraction of what they used to be. We don’t think that downloading is the only reason that music sales are down, but it clearly is a big influence. As we all know the industry should have been years earlier with setting up one site where people can find all music for a cheap price. It would still be a good idea, but it’s too late in a way, because now there are so many possibilities to find music for free. It will be close to impossible to convince people that downloading is theft, so that probably wouldn’t really be a solution either.

    So: it has a huge influence, positive and negative. If we would know the solution for the negative side, we would be rich, but sadly we don’t (just like the rest of the industry).

    7. With whom would you really like to produce a track?
    Phew! Too much to mention, so let’s keep that one open… some of them are dead by the way, so that would be a bit of a problem.

    8. What/where is your favourite club to spin/hang out, and why?
    Pervert in Mexico City is wicked: little club with phat sound and wicked crowd. Air in Tokyo is awesome too: ridiculously loud, and pitch black – just the way we like it.

    9. If you could try another profession, besides your own, what would it be?
    Pako: DJ like everybody else. Frederik: I’d probably be a lawyer.

    10. What's you philosophy towards life?
    Are you serious!?
  2. xtollo

    xtollo TRIBE Member

    nice one

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