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Some more stuff for you ears


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00:00 - Alex Kid - Come with me - Tiga´s Aciddeathrave Rmx (F Communications)
0:01:30 - DJ Koze : Der Säger von St. Georg (Kompakt)
0:07:00 - Millimetric/Carretta/The Hacker - Moskow Reisen
0:11:45 - Warm Leatherette vs. Energy Flash Bootleg
0:16:00 - Mick Wills - Rhythm Machine (Gigolo)
0:30:00 - Rok - Defender 2 (Defender)
0:32:00 - The Rapture - Sister Saviour (Tiefschwarz rmx)
0:42:00 - Fixmer/McCarthy - Freefall (Planete Rouge)
0:44:34 - Fuse oder Circuit Breaker - ??? (Plus8 oder Probe)
0:47:00 - Moloko - Can not contain this (Echo)
0:48:48 - P.Diddy feat. Kelis - Let's get ill (Gigolo)
0:57:00 - The Rapture - Killing (Output)
1:01:00 - Ginger Ale - Happy House (Dexter rmx)
1:08:00 - DJ T. – Freemind (Physical)
1:10:00 - Mix Machine - Bikini (Hot Banana)
1:16:00 - Fad Gadget - Collapsing New People - Remix?
1:22:00 - Spektrum - Kinda New - Tiefschwarz Rmx (Playhouse)
1:26:40 - Agoria - Spinach Girl (Pias)
1:27:40 - Tonetraeger - Welcome Back Kotter - Thomas/Mayer Remix (Spinner Ace)
1:43:00 - Chromeo – Destination: Overdrive - DFA Remix (Turbo)
1:48:00 - justice vs. simian - never be alone (chateau flight rmx)
2:00:00 - Envoy - Night Moves (Soma)
2:12:00 - The Invisible - Liebe Schokolade
2:16:00 - Traffic Signs - the big fake
2:20:00 - Man with guitar - ""
2:29:30 - Curan Stone - Fame (Relief)
2:33:00 - Dave Clarke feat. DJ Rush - Way of life (Skint)
2:39:30 - Laibach - Tanz mit Laibach - Remix? (?)
2:44:30 - DJ Hell - Keep on waiting (Gigolo)
2:48:20 - I:Cube vs RZA - Can you deal with that (Versatile)
2:55:00 - Tiefschwarz - Ghostrack - Black Strobe Remix (Four Music)
3:03:30 - Ricardo Villalobos - Easy Lee (Playhouse)
3:19:05 - Seelenluft - Manila - Ewan Pearson Remix (Klein)


Ricardo Villalobos Live @ Summership 2003

Cristian Vogel "No Future Mix"

Sven Vath Live @ Cocoon 09-07-2003


Cologne based, Thomas Brinkmann is one of Germany's most talented and respected electronic producers. Choosing to avoid the 'industry', over the last few years he has released records under a number of guises including Max, Soul Center, max Ernst, Ester Brinkmann/Supposé and Ernst.
Brinkmann is currently splitting his time between Cologne and a mobile studio in the Mediterranean. He has recently worked on the 'variations' projects for Richie Hawtin and Mike Ink and has completed remixes for Cari Lekebush, Echoboy, Pluramen, Akufen, Christian Morgenstern and Tied and Tickled Trio as well as Depeche Mode's 'I Feel Loved' He is also working on a live project with Markus Nicolai from Perlon called "Florida" as well as with Scanner for Force Inc.

Soul Center ( AKA Thomas Brinkman ) Live @ Fabric - Blue Room - 30-03-2002


Soledad Brothers - 'Break'em On Down' (Estrus)
(LP Steal Your Soul And Dare Your Spirit To Move)

Unknown - 'Hanji Mara Lalou Sa' (Blue Flame)
(LP Gypsies Of Rajastan)

Jakob - 'A Moment From Different Angles' (Midium)
(LP Subsets Of Subsets)

Pitch Black - 'The 58 Shanks' (Kog Transmissions)
(LP Electronomicon)

Ronnie Renalde - 'Ina A Monastery Garden' (HMV Easy)
(Lp The Ronnie Renalde Collection)

Ermehn - 'Is It True?' (Deep Grooves)
(LP Samoans: Part 2)

Nina Nastasia - 'I Go With Him' (Touch And Go)
(LP Blackened Air)
Orbital - 'Chime' (W E A )

The Three Jinx - 'Whistling Under The Moon' (Rex Records)

Concord Dawn - 'The Drill (12")' (Kog Transmissions)

The Brunettes - 'Moon In June Stuff' (White Label)
(LP Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks)

Soul Center A.K.A. Thomas Brinkmann - 'Live From Fabric' ( )

Aqua Vista Vs. The Surf Creatures - 'Everybody's Favourite Alien' (Johnson Family)
(2x 7" EP Set)

Linval Thompson - 'Jah Jah The Conqueror (Lp Dubwise & Otherwise 2)' (Blood & Fire)

Chris Knox - 'Everyone's Cool' (Flying Nun)
(Lp Beat)

Appendix Out - 'The First Time I Saw Your Face' (Kog Transmissions)
(Ep A Warm & Yeasty Corner)

Epsilon Blue - 'We B' Movin'' (Kog Transmissions)
(Lp We Have A Responsibility To Our Shareholders)

Meterman - 'City Hum' (Metermusic)

Stevie Wonder - 'I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)'
(Tamla-Motown) (Lp Talking Book)

Derrero - 'Lean On Me Comfort' (Sylem)
(LP Comb The Breaks)

Sadistik Exekution - 'Darth' (Osmose)

(LP Fukk)

http://mart0nix.ramapo.edu/mp3/Mixes/The Blue Room/Thomas Brinkman - The Blue Room Mix 30-03-02.mp3
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