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some guy named Hodges?


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Anyone hit this? How did it go?

Wish I could have made it back but work called.

Space looked great when I left it!!!!
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Yeah it was a great space like a mini 99 sudbury..
It was not very busy but i look fws to parties there in the future


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good times indeed. i didn't make it there until 2ish but arrived in time for hodges. good funky-make-you-wanna-bounce-around house. the space was really fun. it's a photo studio with a raised white floor and backdrop. it reminded me of a little skatepark. people felt sexy dancing on it. the visuals were done well. i'm not sure what he was using for gear as i'm not even sure where he was. retro "mac draw" style lettering mixed with very colourful vibrant images.

great to see the viper boys again as well as shawnymac who was in town from buttfuck ontario.


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ended up not making it up again due to the hockey game going to double overtime... at that point i had too much booze to drive over the boarder...
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i had a great time. been awhile since I`d hit the ol dance floor. good to see all the viper peeps again. wasn`t the busiest but it was a great space and Hodges laid it down proper. looking forward to insurgance IIII !

billy...good to see you again hopefully be back up sometime this summer.

Don C

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Man, all Hodges' sets sound the same...


They fucking ROCK!!

Jason definitely laid it down proper for close to four hours, and the crowd was eating it up. Its always a special night when this guy steps up to the decks, and Saturday was no different. Quality chap to boot.

Great to see Shawnmac (back in the house!), billy, AshG, Silent Syd, and I finally met Moe! Good to put a face to the name dude.

Big thanks to Peko, Wiseman, Marinko (the man! visuals were awesome), and the other Viper lads for making things go so smoothly. Pics and video of the night will be up on our site soon.
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Sylent Syd

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This night was truly deserving of a bigger turnout, but all who made it out seemed to get their groove on...I definitely did...and I was in pretty rough shape due to some heavy partying the night previous, I gotta say...

Always a pleasure to see Don and Mike...and nice talking with Lee for a good bit near the end...See you lot on Saturday then...