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Some Groovy House


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kind of all over the map but its all groovy house.
enjoy technics1200 :) technics1200

some groovy house

1. Bang Bang_Broken_Lost my Dog
2. Matt Brownell_Underneath (B team rmx)_The Source
3. Roland Nights_Phazz (Vernon & DaCosta Rmx)_Lost my Dog
4. Michael Lange_Brothers and Sisters (wow i remixed my own record rmx)_Peppermint Jam
5. The Candy Dealers_Stepping Out (Toka Project rmx)_Flapjack
6. Jeff Haze_Diggum_Smoke City
7. Tuccillo, Willie Graf_Give You Up_Freerange
8. Bayt_Tres Telynquente_Sintope Digital
9. Afro Medusa_Pasilda (Knee Deep rmx)_Azuli
10. Special Interest_Stir Fry_Phobic
11. Robert Boogert_Bring it in_Dandy Kid
12. Miles Maeda_Turn me on_The Source
13. Pete Le Freq_Indecisive_Flapjack
14. Broadway, Wilson_Don't Fight Love_Farris Wheel
15. Lil Mark_Know Yourself (james Curd rmx)_Frequency Spectrum
16. Metronomy_Heartbreaker (discodeine mix)_Because Music
17. Mr. Patron vs. Barely Regal_Inside Out_Guess who
18. The Sound Diggers_Groove to it_Flapjack
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