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Some funny shit in the house room


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Over the debate of mp3 quality....

DJ 6 String said:
absolutely, positively, without a doubt in my mind. You can play a 192 and a 320, and i would bet my first born child on my guessing the 320.

the difference between 192 and 320 is huge. The difference between 320 and .wav is nearly undetectable.

a 192 file has an overall muffle to it. the bass seems to have less punchiness and intensity to it. often times i'll step into a dj booth after a "192 dj" steps out, nad he's got the all the eq's cranked to 4 o'clock.

192 is like listening to a 320, while cupping your hands over your ears...

Hahahaha... some funny shit. If only Dj 6-string would put the words, "The world's best 320 dj" before his name on flyers, people may actually know who he is.



p.s. Listening to DJ 6-String is like listening to Danny Tenaglia while cupping your hands over your ears.



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i think 6 string is bullshitting

a blind test with a set of hifi headphones and i bet that overall he couldn't significantly differentiate between the two correctly


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^yeah of course not with headphones, but in a proper sound system like Stereo i bet you could hear a slight difference...
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Dr Funk MD

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The true test is if you can tell the difference with 2 pills and line of coke up your nose.

Because really, at 5am at someplace like Stereo those are the only people who are listening anyway.