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Solvent @ Footwork


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Why oh why am I doomed to never see solvent live.

EVERY single show Solvents played in the last 4 years has either been when

A) I dont find out about it untill I see a review thread for it


B) I'm unable to go because of work/not being in the city.


Damn me and having to be on the other side of the atlantic for this!
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Dr Funk MD

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Anyone hitting this up tonight? Seems like about the only thing I'm kind of interested is doing this weekend.
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say hi to your russian friend

Dr Funk MD said:
Why the past tense? It's tonight. Come!

because /me is not speaking english properly.. most of the time.
/me is immigrant. :D

I will come by tonight. This is what I meant to say. :rolleyes: