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solvent, adam marshal, mario J

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i wasn't planning on going, it was neat to see Solvent do a live PA - didn't like the track-by-track play... it felt chopped up. he was good... i wasn't über-impressed. wasn't über-impressed with the crowd of "chin strokers" -- a new term Dave is oh-so excited about. it's like people went just to stand around and look pissed.

we left and then went to another party, got bored there and came back to Footwork - MISSED MARIO J!! by then everyone had gone (it wasn't even 3!!) and by 3:15 there were 3 people left and they killed the tunes.

I AM SO MAD - i slept ALL day and now I won't be able to get to sleep later. SO mad. FUCK! i missed a gorgeous day too!!! :( :( :( BOOOOOOO!


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BigBadBaldy said:
lol, as if "chin strokers" is a new term.
new to me and to him makes it "new". so there!:O
like when my friend told me that the little soul patch of hair under a guy's lip was also called a "flavour saver". except that one's way grosser.

Daniel XIV

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re: chin-strokers

I've seen him live a few times before. Oddly enough I'd say that this was the least chin-strokey gig yet. 5+ years ago nobody danced -- it was all IDM-like. HARD chin-stroking. Now there's dancers, and that's good ... but you just can't shake those chin-stroking fuckers!

Also, it's worth noting that what was probably the largest group of chin-strokers (which included me) were all friends of his. What can you do. And in our defense, at least one of our number (me) was givin'r on the dancefloor later on. Not because I liked the music that the DJs were playing more than the live set; just because I found it more danceable.

blah blah - good show
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Destro Sanchez

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(for chubbs)

Terrence Kissner (sp?) was aight. Played some newer electro techno I have and a nice classic at the end.

sans turtleneck.
avec tie. ;)

I have seen more dancing at his sets in the past, but I don't think Footwerk regulars ^^^ are used to a stop and go live pa of Robot Lovers Rock.

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"This is how we take the old to the new, the new to the old"

It sounded great on Footwerkz PA!!! Way better than Rivoli, Gladstone, Stinky Marinky's stage at OM etc...

He played it safe and dropped the more dance-able tunes, it could of been a lot slower, weirder but I think he realized that he was playing between two techno/electro acts. Finished with My Radio.

Werst part of the night was that Adam Marshall didn't get on after Solvent.....I don't even know if the co-headliner ever got on!?!

Nitin - Toronto's best dressed DJ!!!