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solution @ system soundbar


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wow! what a fun night! we walked in at around 11pm or so to an almost empty room. aaron k was dropping some deep, minimal tech house and techno. sweet shit! always dubby bubbly with rolling basslines. as the room started to fill, he gradually brought up the tempo. he played this racquetball house track off of dan bell's tresor mix. it sounds like a ball bouncing off the wall. hehehe. as midnight approached, he dropped this track simply known as quarks (sp?) that got everybody moving. killer tripped out vocal cut that caught me off guard. so good! by this point, the club was nicely filled, and peeps were feeling the holiday vibes.

at midnight, steve mack stepped up and immediately jacked things up a notch. stompy, funky, thick tech house was the order of the day. he even threw in some breaky electro tracks. his mixing was flawless, and his programming was mind-blowing. he played all of the right tracks at the most opportune times. the crowd was going off!!! one of the best sets i've heard all year, and mos def the best set i've ever heard from steve (and i'm not just saying this because he's my friend). :p

we left as matt was just starting to throw down. by listening to his first two tracks, i just knew he was well on his way to ripping that room apart.

so many wicked friends out and about, but seeing simon out on the dance floor ripping it up as only he can was an incredible early christmas present. so nice to have you back on the east coast buddy. by the way, the dub cap is solid!

i saw an old friend from grade 9 that i used to chill with all the time. crazy!

nice to meet chooch (officially the best tribe name) and seeing eccentric lrg rip it up!

part two tonight...


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Re: Re: solution @ system soundbar

Originally posted by Suke
Another one? ;)

Dude ... you're up to like 20 now :)

i'd say 10, but whatever. :p
i'll give you a call in a bit.


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Re: Re: Re: solution @ system soundbar

I am sure if the set impressed nesta it is worth the mention in a review.
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Nothing like starting off 2 weeks vacation with some much needed release at Breathe Friday's.

We headed into the club pretty early, getting there around 10:30 - 11:00. The place was empty except for a few blokes here and there. I was flexing the collared shirt under sweater, preppy fashion look on Friday because I was geared up for a booze/schmooze fest. Poor Planning != Proper Execution. Aaron K was spinning some SICK... SICK!!! minimal techy sounds. Building up ever so slightly towards the end of his set before Steve Mack took the decks. Aaron did a proper job setting the atomasphere for a pre-party. It was great to see him finally grace the decks in system's main room.

It was also during this time that system filled up. I breathed a sigh of relief, glad that the floor would be filled for Matt and Steve's set.

Steve Mack played HARD!. Wow. a 1/2 hour into his set I was back at the coat check ditching the over-wear. It was great to see what he could do with a different timeslot. Aaron laid trhe foundation and Steve built right up on that. The set was amazing, and I had a couple BANG! regulars with me who said it was the best music they've heard on a friday in a long time. Not to despair because I agree as well. The night was well programmed and well-executed. There was about 20 mins or so of Steve's set thjat I just couldnt get into, just a track i think Im annoyed of hearing by now. Probably my own fault with all the music I listen too. Kinda the same feeling I got when Max Graham dropped "Lets Get Ill". Some songs just make you leave the dancefloor. The last 40 mins of the set were the best 40 mins of the set. Again, all I have to say is WOW, best Mack set I've heard all year.

Matt came on next, and I dont remember much else for the rest of the night. This is where my review gets really fuzzy. You see, matt killed it, and I know that because my feet were swelling the next day. I was on the dancefloor solidly once matt took the decks. Most nights I get swayed down to the breaks room, or pulled into the VIP for a quick break, but if you tried to do that friday, you were S.O.L. Matt also gets tune of the night for me with the Infusion vs. Underworld remix (legacy / Rez I believe). I've been wanting to hear that one again, and I was glad I was able too. Near the end of our night (5? 6?) I went into the booth to thank Matt for a great night. This was just as he dropped Madonna's Hollywood. As Matt put it "This is either going to make someone's night, or kill it". I was glad to be in the booth for that one cause I think the chairs were all full at that point. Cant win em all. :p

The plans were to go to the Industry party on Saturday, but after such a great night a System, I didnt want to take the chance of having a (nother) shitty night in the KoolHaus (I still despise that complex). System soundbar makes it so easy to have a good time. The staff / security are awesome, the Dj's are incredible and the people are respectful. They make it easy to go out with a group of friends and enjoy good times and great music. So instead of industry I get to write a FukHouse review.

The Shout-outs. This Night Deserves Them.

This was aleks' first night partying since september. Its been a rough semester but she finished it with proper style kicking ass on all her exams. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Insert more oochie coochie lovey stuff here.

Monique, dont worry, breathe fridays is only an addiction if you admit it to yourself. Wait until your friends and family have an intervention before deciding to take a break from it. Two weeks in a row. Im so proud =). And I'm capital E Evil.

Cheers out to my very first Tribe Stalker, Kalemic. It was great meeting you, you had me cracking up all night. Its been a 3-day bender so if you have any notes from our talks I'd be interested in reading them. You were definately a value-added encounter.

Popup friends Mercure and Trillian showed up in solid style and made it clear to me that taking it easy was not an option. Not only did we party all night, but a couple hours at your place was the perfect end to the evening.Needless to say, find a restaurant and we're all there.

To everyone else I bothered friday, thanks for not calling security on me. John, Tara, Jaime-Lynn (the Kingston connection) and everyone else.

Eccentric (LRG)

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So Like... this one time... I like...you know.. showed up at system...

and danced my lil ass off!

Awww I heart the breaks room. Everytime I needed a lil pick me up from energy drainage... BREAKS ROOM. ;)

Nice to meet and see those I talked to that night, out and having fun.
Look forward to my next system outting.

seeing eccentric lrg rip it up!
Expect nothing else from me :) I can't stop moving!


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^^thanks for re-introducing yourself ryan...great to now recall what you look like :D hope you had a safe trip back home to kingston...