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solution @ system soundbar


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Hooray! Well done Steve! :D

Great opening set. Tight mixing, good programming, and some solid head bobbing in the booth. :) Hope this is the first of many nights that we'll see you at the controls!

Great to see everyone .. Sorry we had to leave early. Matt, your opening tracks were awesome. Light uplifting stuff from the relentless Mr. Colerage? Unheard of! ;) Track names, please. :p

See you all again soon.

- Sam & Kathleen


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Got there at 1130 and Mr.Mack was setting the pace nicely... Been wathcing him for a year now and he just knows what he wants and is just getting better and better, young, fun and brings it proper...

As for me I got on at 12 and fumbled with my way to a fun come and go crowd but couldn't quite get the groove on till the last bit when the crowd came to support:p The crowd however was there for Tim from London who didn't let them down but picking where I left off and gave them what they wanted to hear... Nice smooth mixing and good programming had me bobbing and got me up dancing more than half a dozen times!!! Great job

Last up was the man who put it all together, Jon Trembley who layed out and harder edge tech proggy trance feeling to the room and kept it going till my belly said it was time to go across the street for some late night eats:D

Nice crowd in the VIP, no attitude and people dancing all night, system was louder than the main room

Thanks to Enis, Jen, Josh and Art for being there all night




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i was there for yopie's going away party...& i stayed for the killer tunes...awesome job by the one like smackers, & matt laid it on deep & heavy for the rest of the night...some back 2 back action to finish off the evening, & really a great time...

thanks to everybody who made it out to the predrinks, for the dancing, & for the musak...

awesome night...


ps congrats to matt & steve for really ramming the place...
pps & also respect to the breaks room crew
ppps & good job by tim in the vip room...some great tunes...!!


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Well I started my night with some of my posse at Tortilla Flats were they (Isabelle and Genevieve) proceeded to get me drunk for my birthday. After that we headed out to System to see Mr. Steve Mack and the master Matt Coleridge rip the fucking house up!!!!!! These guys were impeccable! But that's not all. I head to the back and Big League Chu and Dave Saddler are spinning some sick ass break beats. I couldn't go wrong, every room was rocking. A great start to my birthday weekend. Next stop MV and DEEP DISH! Holy fuck am I a sketch pad! :cool:I gots to get me some sleep.... I couldn't beleive how many Tribers I saw out! Big ups to
: Colridge, Smack, djcheesewiz, That450guy, Thewatcher and the other guy who's Tribe name I can't remember (you know who you are).
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Wow Warren, you really were toast, Genvieve wasn't even there! So nice to see everyone, Isabelle I'm going to miss you so much! John, you are such a gentleman, always nice to hang out with you. Smackers, remember what I told you in the booth - you've got it, it suits you so naturally. And Kevin, thanks for keeping me entertained. Alex, you are a doll, we had a great talk. Shawna, you are the cutest thing EVER! The breaks were killer - love 'em!

Happy Birthdays to Warren (my favorite person last night) and Kevin (so sweet!)


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my man steve mack rocked it! a wicked smooth set of tripped out tech/prog house. the sounds were unclassifyable at times. his mixing was so tight, and he looked at ease up in the booth. very cool. great programming. he knew exactly when to tone things down, and when to up the tempo a bit.

the back breaks room was rockin' fierce to the sounds of red turtle. too bad the thick wall of smog prevented me from going in.

it was awesome to see so many old faces, and a few unexpected surprises. i met the lovely indian girl. wow! so naturally beautiful. :)

great lil vibe, and a safe crowd to match.

matt started his set with 2 or 3 killer tracks. the first one was this really sharp housey number. so good!

i forgot my earplugs. never again.

great job solution!


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Originally posted by Nesta

i forgot my earplugs. never again.


i still remember before richie hawtin at turbossss, you trying them on and saying how they felt funny. :)

good to read that you're digging them :cool:

good to read that steve's set was on. :)


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Steve played an awesome opening set. That Swag record is siiiiiick and Tyrant remix of UNKLE kicked ass on the loud system. Well done! Hope to catch more of your sets in the future, you had me rocking to your beats! Matt took it from there and got the dancefloor rockin'. Wiiiiicked stuff!
Great night @ Solution. Good vibe. Brilliant music. Excellent crowd. Good to see the familiar faces, never fail to put a smile on my face.

Backroom: Happy birthday Kevin! You were layering down some funky ass breaks! Hope you had a good one!

Betty Rubble

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Never the same! Everytime I hear something from Steve it is fresh and different.

In my novice opinion, flow was outstanding and control of the floor was expert.

Way to go Steve I really enjoyed your set last night.

So happy it all worked out!!!!


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Smack Coleridge

They've been ripping it up for us at smaller venues and after parties for the past couple years. We've been talking the shit about what Solution brings to the tables and last night they definitely lived up to the hype. Steve Mack, you knew tech-house would drive that floor mad and it did. Matt Coleridge, strap in big guy, you're in this for the long haul. So proud, so happy. Definitely a turning point for all of us.


Jon Tremblay

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first of all I would like to thank you guys for popping your heads in the side room. Our night was a success. Great beats laid down by Jay Moore and Tim Vizeau that really set the pace for my closing set. Great crowd and good vibe!

Steve, you seemed to really enjoy yourself in the booth, and that always makes an impact to your audience, keep up the good work.

Matt, I'm not going to bore this board with how well you program and mix your sets as it's obvious you have talent More importantly I congratulate you on your night bringing newcomers exposure in the main room. Not only did you yell his name out to the crowd, (with bleed LOL), I was really impressed with the slide you made for Steve......now that's recognition and exposure that most promoters will not give to a newcomer espcially not to that extent. You truly are a dj's dj! Congrats bud.
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Wicked night!

Steve Mack played an amazing opening set last night... It was good to finally hear Steve on a big system... he looked in fine form bangin' out some nice tech house sounds... he's set was well programmed and his mixing was tight .. good job bro!!!

I heard about an hours worth of Matt Coleridge's set... If I didn't have to get up so early today... I would have stayed longer...

see ya next week for Scumfrog!

orange richie

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Steve Mackers is the shit! Good job! Nice tracks and well programmed. Enjoyed it much. Left a little early though so I didn't catch too much of Colerige but what I heard was good.

Keepin' it cool in the booth...



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Friday was such a great success! Awesome turnout. Thanks for all the support guys. I had a blast!



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A great, wonderful night. I've been saying that much too often lately but Friday reminded me of why I love clubbing... the pre-drinks, the familiar faces, killer tunes and warm&friendly vibe.... it was lovely having a Solution night!!

Steve Mack - hope to see lots of you in that booth in the future! Great sounds... very Tyrant-esque and you showed lots of energy, constantly interacting with the crowd.

Matt - happy music? I was a bit surprised, but nice vibe!! Sorry I couldn't stay til the end.

I can't wait for the next Solution party and hopefully then we'll have all 3 residents gracing the decks!
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Metal Morphosis

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Originally posted by *ViX*
Isa has taken a job in Montreal.... but she'll be visiting us often, I'm sure.
That's right boys and girls - she's coming to Live near ME - it's the ME FIRST POLICY (curb your enthusiasm enthusiasts? anywhere?).
haha - anyway - yeah - Isa and I will come home often i'm sure. It will be nice to have someone to share rides with.

In any case - Congrats to Steve and Matt on the wicked night. It sounds like i missed a good one.

p.s. miss you guys ;)