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Solution Holiday Party


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Props to System staff are definitely in order to begin this review. The holiday decor actually gave the dungeon a stiff shot of “life” last night. It was a really nice change and truly added to the wicked vibe of the event.

From what I heard of Aaron K, he played a perfect opening set. He brought a totally unique, fresh sound to the System main room. His style is unquestionably something that needs to be explored further on the headline decks. Unfortunately, this may have to wait until his return from Australia. Nevertheless, I think he is well worth the wait.

Steve Mack, what can I say! The man destroyed the Solution Holiday Party last night. With the perfect mix of up-front Tech-House and severe dance floor bombs, I believe Smackers came into his own last night. I can honestly say that I feel he’s matured into a proper main room, primetime DJ now. Combined with his magnificent ability to warm a room, I don’t think there’s a time or place that Steve can’t excel in. “Musicizms,” which was incredibly dropped straight on top of “Stargazing” was a perfect blast from the past for holiday time. However, it was the scary, spooky scud missile from the Base Invader that totally blew the roof off the place. Great way to see out 2003 Steve. I can’t wait till what’s to come in 2004.

I wasn’t able to take in enough of Matt’s headline set to give a proper review. He was really firing away on the nicely occupied floor when I was on my way out, so I anticipate some wicked updates here throughout the day. I’m positive the Britney / Madonna remixes were going to go off with the savage visuals he had set up. Thankfully, I get another chance to check out TO’s top resident on Friday at Stereobar in Montreal. Finally, a proper set to prepare us for Sander. I cannot wait!

Overall, a fantastic event to complete my 2003 Toronto party season. What a year! The return of Breathe and Matt as its headliner made 2003 by far my best clubbing year ever and I look forward to even better times in the New Year. Thanks System Friday’s, you’ve become home once again.


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solid night of great tunes...got there early to hear aaron warming things up, & it was great having nesta along to give the play by play on the tracks...have to fully agree with his thoughts & some really nice tunes played around the midnight hour...congrats aaron & best wishes in austrailia...i'll talk to you about your decks...

next up was steve mack...again, steve put together a great set, which featured some really awesome tunes covering a wide range of tech, house & some trancey elements...very nice & perfect for the midnight to 2am hour...

matt finished the night off (& me)...i was pretty exhausted, but managed to spend time on the dancefloor, in the booth, in the breaks room, trying to recover from about 8 shooters (thanks to some crazy chick :p ), and finally packed it in around 5am...matt played some great tracks to start the night, but there was something missing from the crowd, although the people on the dance floor were having a good time...however gregor, as mentioned above the madonna remix had the dancefloor going off & once again my snobbery of top 40 artists being remixed for the dancefloor is proven wrong...people love it!!!

so thanks to everyone involved...hard to believe this time last year we were solution'ing it up at jai bar just before the holidays...great seeing so many friendly faces out and having the opportunity to chat & catch up...

so merry christmas to everyone & see y'all soon...!!!


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<-----------------some crazy chick?

Vinder, I'm sorry. I don't remember meeting you before. I'm surprised I remember meeting you (again) on Friday. In any case, it was a pleasure.... er, I think...
My apologies to everyone for my drunkeness - my office christmas party beforehand was waaaaaaaaaaay too much fun!
And D-monic, great set. I'll be around to bug you again sometime soon... beware... sorry I couldn't stay to the end, I was having trouble standing. Yes, standing.
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oh, vinder....

(nice shirt)


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I got there about 11:30ish... having slept a total of 7 hours over almost 3 days I was completely exhausted and not in the mood to be out. After a few drinks I started feeling a little more lively and actually got in the mood to socialize. Still didn't dance though.

Steve Mack played a great set.... Very very impressed with him.
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Originally posted by fightingskurvy
someone with really good taste must have got that for you

you know it, certainly better taste then me! ;)

p.s. thank you so much, i love it! :D