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Solaris Music Festival June 27-28-29 Boundary Region BC


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Boundary Elements Productions Presents:
June 27 & 28, 2008
In collaboration with Flydjs, Deleterious Productions, & INDUST:REALIZE.

Solaris Music Festival is a two-day outdoor camping experience that celebrates life & promotes peace through the common element of electrified sound and spoken word. The festival is in its second year!! Solaris is taking place on Friday June 27 to Sunday June 29, 2008 at a Historic Doukabor Village in Grand Forks BC. Boundary Elements Productions is a dedicated team of individuals with a passion for music and art who strive to create an environment that is fun, engaging, and safe.

Saturday Hip Hop Showcase

Saturday's all-day Hip Hop Showcase runs from 12PM to 9PM and offers live performances with talent from across BC and as far as California.

The showcase also offers its patrons free interactive workshops with MCees, DJs, Break Dancers, & live Graffiti-style Artists. Flydjs (http://www.flydjs.biz)- Kelowna's local all-girl DJ collective - is hosting a hands-on DJ lesson on Saturday in the early afternoon, an opportunity for curious beginner ladies & gents to learn about the turntable craft right on site at the Area49 Festival stage. Vancouver’s Timothy Wisdom (http://www.timothywisdom.com/) offers a DJ workshop focusing on turntablist & scratch tricks for the advanced DJ. Guest performers taking to the Pyramid stage in the early evening include:

ZION-I California (ZION I CREW)
TIMOTHY WISDOM "The Turntable Wizard" Vancouver
KIA KADIRI (MySpace.com - Kia Kadiri - - Hip Hop / Reggae / Soul - www.myspace.com/kiakadiri)

Solaris at Nighttime

Friday night and Saturday night promise to be a visual, auditory, & spiritual journey with performance, dance, live art installations, DJs, & vocalists at two stages; Area49 & the Pyramid. Dance under the stars to the electrified sounds and infectious rhythms of Break Beats, Drum & Bass, Mash-ups, Reggae, Funk, House, Electro, and more with guests:

DIG DUG Seattle (djdig-dug.com)
WOODNSOO Vancouver (WoodnSoo.com)

Alongside BC favorites:

AudioHazard | Breakfluid | BreO | Deleterious | DJ G3N3R4L | EPID3MIK-7 | Excision | Express | Eyedawg | Grandpa Phunk | Heidrogen | Isinipit | JGirl & Manousos | Jonny Dubbs | Lions of Solemn City | Lola | Lyssa | Man In Havana | Mishadow | Nog’n’Chilli | Spinderella | Socool | Terrorista | Tim-C

Kelowna's Kinshira Fire Spinning Crew will perform intermittently throughout the festival. Interactive Visual Experience by INDUST:REALIZE decorating the Pyramid stage with exhilarating projections & visual displays. Come for the music, the art, & the culture.

$50 - Weekend Pass (advance)
$60 - Weekend pass (gate price)
(18+ w/photo ID)

$20 - Youth (Hip Hop Showcase only)
$30 - Adult (Hip Hop Showcase only)
(Under 16 to be accompanied by an adult)

Solaris Music Festival ~ June 27, 28, 29 ~ 2008

Tickets now available!


Ticket Stores:

Vancouver : Beat Street Records
439 West Hastings St. @
(604) 683-3344
BEATSTREET.CA » New Releases

Grand Forks : Thimble Mountain Books
358 Market Avenue @
(250) 442-3344

Kelowna : Hemp City
526A Bernard Avenue @
(250) 868-3088

Nelson : Ripping Giraffe Enterprises Ltd
3-502 Baker St. @
(250) 354-4843