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Soiled your trunks lately?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Karim, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. Karim

    Karim TRIBE Member


    Click here, and try to spot what's wrong with this picture. Keep staring for a few minutes. It took me a while to find it, but when I did, I was shocked. Good luck.

    :eek: <-------- My face is permanently like this now
  2. redeyes

    redeyes TRIBE Member

    i don't get it.
  3. JayIsBored

    JayIsBored TRIBE Member

  4. Karim

    Karim TRIBE Member

    You gotta make sure your volume is turned way up. And just try to spot what's wrong with the picture in that link.

    Simple as that.

    :) <---- Can't get any simpler
  5. Jazz

    Jazz TRIBE Member

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