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Software Recomendation Needed - Want to Burn .avi etc. to VCD to watch on DVD player?


TRIBE Member
I was using Power Producer Gold, but it stopped working. Nero Express also cacked out on me.

I'm looking for one that is free.

Any suggestions folks?

Many thanks in advance. Family Guy must be watched!
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Kid Lax

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Toys'R'Us has a DivX player for $29.99 (was on sale for $25 a few weeks ago).

Plays all my avi's flawlessly. Picked up two for my house, 1 for the GFs, 1 for the neighbour.


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When I pop a CD or a DVD with an .avi file or files on it, a default menu comes up on my DVD player.

No need for any authoring tools.

It plays no problemo.
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