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Sodomy vs Labotomy + other dilemmas...


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1. Would you rather be sodomized by a lineup of bikers or be labotomized or both?

2. If you had to resort to auto-cannibalism to survive, but were guaranteed survival if you ate yourself, how much of yourself would you eat before it jusrt wasn't worth living through the experience?

3. If you had to rape either a hideous 24 year old mutant or a beautiful 8 year old vegetable in order to guarantee the survival of your entire family which would you choose?

My answers to the above are: 1: Sodomy, 2: Both legs, an arm, and various bits here and there like ears and lovehandles, and 3: I'd take the 8 year old vegetable, she would be less psychically damaged by the experience.

Feel free to pose other unsettling questions :)
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