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Socom 3


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Quoted from the www.socom3.com website

October 2005
Socom 3 is now only days away from being released. The anticipation level for this game is at its peak..and many eager fans will be delighted once October 11th hits. Finally, the days of poor hit detection, cheaters, and tremendous lag will be over... And a new era will begin...Or so we hope. From what we have seen in the early beta version, We see no reason why it shouldnt be the best game out of the 3. The Previews, Screenshots, and Downloads sections have been updated..And the Reviews section will be updated around the 11th... Also, be sure to click Here for a nice compilation of media put together by "c0mmand3r" which includes links to individual videos , E3 coverage, and a link to Zipper's Socom 3 Creation Blog website. A quote from GameBattles latest preview of Socom 3: "The big question going into SOCOM 3 was regarding hit detection. Would Zipper fix the sometimes awful hit detection that SOCOM II displayed? The answer is yes. Hit detection has shown a huge improvement from last year’s game. Often you’ll find yourself in a gunfight and be amazed at the fact your opponent just dropped so fast. Zipper really passed the test with S3's hit detection. Health for players seems to be back to the SOCOM 1 style of gameplay, which should be to the delight of many veteran SOCOM players."


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PUMPED for this.
I only own 2 video games, socom 1 and 2.
The only reason I bought a PS2 was for socom, and having seen the increasing numbers of posters/cutouts/etc.. I WANT.


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Yup i know. Me too.
My buddy already has a copy, but he's complaining about his eyes and head hurting him. I think it's his 50 inch TV that's causing the pain while playing it. Plus i hear that the maps are totally CRAZY HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i heard about the 16 vs 16 player online mode!

Looks like my kids(13&10 yr old) and I are going to be picking it up this weekend!
TONS of FUN @ Dad's house this weekend :D
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