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Social work?


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A friend of mine just moved back to the Toronto area from Boston where he was a social worker working with troubled teens, etc...

He's having some trouble finding a job in his field and I wondered if any of you would have any information or leads he could follow up on in regards to finding a job in social work? any help would be much appreciated.


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He might want to contact the Ontario College of Social Workers, as well.

Charity Village is the only search site that I know of for the sector. It might be good to just contact specific agencies themselves to find out if they are hiring.
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I have found the best site for social work jobs is http://www.swatjobs.com/ (I'm a social worker too!)

They post tons of stuff, but you do have to pay to get all the info. When I was job hunting I would cross check their ads with with agency listings, and you could pretty much figure out where the job is.

If your friend wants a job where the title is "social worker" they will have to join the Ontario College of Social Worker and Social Service Workers.