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*** Soapy - Wagon Wheels (Techno) ***


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Here's a new techno mix of what I'm feeling these days.

direct download
or have a listen here

1. Italoboyz_Victor Casanova_Mothership
2. Rick Nicholls_Asher Jones_Mark Gwinnett_Soap Bar (George Andrews mix)_Cubism
3. SQL_Chromium_Form
4. Dousk_Dirty Teeth_(Beckers Remix)_Plusquam
5. Robert Babicz_Mover_Babiczstyle
6. Alecs Marta_SwatSquad_Iluevehaciaarriba_Scrambled
7. Dani Sbert_Baphomet_Piso
8. Kai Limberger_My Pheromons_Recovery Tech
9. Makossa Megablast_Soy Como Soy Feat Cleydys Villalon_International Deejay Gigolo
10. DJ Tonio_Buzz Buzz_Definitive
12. Erphun_Brood Relapse_1605
13. Viktor Trotta_Madame_Lord Musik
14. Sean Rooney_Construkt 2_Momentum League
15. Pe Ban_Corpse_Technomafia
16. H2_Crazy Circus_Definitive
17. Tomcraft_Room 414 Cant Get Away (Citizen Kain Remix)_Craft Music
18. Kilohertz_Destructor_Whist
19. Masuki_Dry Rain (Pfirter Remix)_MindTrip Music
20. Johnny Fiasco_Hijacked (Audiojack Remix)_Klassic Fiasco
21. Compuphonic_Analog Sparkles_Wasabi

hope this finds some happy ears.
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That's sick! We should work out together....You know?! Squats. Thrusts. Bounce on the excercise balls...?
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