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Soapy - The Halfway House radio show - House


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Here's a mix i did for Mattyson's radio show. Tune in for The Halfway House every Wednesday from 10pm-12am at soundfm.ca or 100.3fm in the K/W area

direct download
or listen here

1. Rene Bourgeois_At Night (Umami Mix)_Shaker Plates
2. Mike P_Fade Away (DJ Mibor Remix)_Tastie Music
3. Charles Ramirez_Wild Groove_Hall Of Fame Records
4. MVP_Music (Dozas LCG Mix)_LawnChair Generals Music
5. EMan & Doc Link_Solid Ground (Nightrhymes Mix)_Solid Ground
6. Freaky Behaviour_Woodlands_Dope Records
7. Kid Vibe_Get Bombay (Alessandro Arbola Mix)_Greenhouse
8. Moshun_P.E.R.C_Defined House
9. Inland Knights_Nomad_Drop Music
10. Star 73_Restless Sound Feat. Dani Silva_Lepento Records
11. Chemars_Try Harder (Funky Trunkers Remix)_Ginkgo Music
12. Mista Spliff Twista_Those Jamz_Treasured Grooves
13. Sonny Fodera_You Made Me Do It_Swing City
14. Will Power, Cause & Affect_Sweet Blues_Beatdown
15. Joe Pompeo_One Time_DOPE Records
16. Moshun_Fat N Chunky_DOPE Records
17. Freaks_The Creeps (Youre Giving Me)_PMI Dance
18. Overnite, Hollis P Monroe_If I M Alive_NAU
19. Mendo_Watermelon (Ronan Portela Mix)_Le Mans Recordings
20. Renato Cohen_Suddenly Funk_100 Pure
21. Stefano Tropeano_Tigris (Audiojack Remix)_Audio Safari
22. M.in, Chriss Vogt_A Matter Of Taste (Patrick Kunkel Remix)_Tiger Records
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