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Soapy - Far Out - (House)


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1.Arturo Garces_Movement (Original)_Magnetic
2.Roland Van Den Toorn_Dis Potion (Giom Remix)_Recovery Tech
3.Cause and Affect_Jeans_Lepento Records
4.Fergus_Congo (Craig Pringle Remix)_Jump To This
5.Soul de Marin_Back 2 Jack (Original)_Kinjo
6.Jorge Watts, The House Inspectors_Hot Shit_Drop Music
7.Joshua Heath_Leading The Blind _Golden State
8.The Sound Diggers_Water Biscuit (Jay Travis Connected Remix)_Chunky Traxx
9.DJ Mes & Sonny Fodera_You Nasty_Guesthouse
10. Jamie D feat. Chevas_Gizzy Ho_Brain Kat
11. Olene Kadar Feat. D-low_Little Miss Dynamite_Top 10s
12. Jake Childs_Business 101_Native Soul
13. Camouflage_Feels The Same_Chicago House FM
14. Peckos_Why Should I Cry (Vernon & Dacosta Remix)_Recovery Tech
15. Jangatha, Jeff Service_On Elsewere_Guesthouse
16. Ralph Session_What Cha Like (Giano's Dirty House Mix)_Seshified
18. Frankie J_Gonna Give It To Ya_Flapjack
19. Kinky Movement_Next to You_FLC
20. Cause and Affect_Pushy Pushy_Beatdown
21. Samir Maslo_In My House (Gramophonedzie Remix)_Recovery House
22. Gene Farris_The Return of Disco_Farris Wheel
23. DJ Mes_Fools' Gold_Cajual
24. Anhanguera Feat. J-dub_Weekend Lovers_Guesthouse
25. Sean Patrick_Come On People_Integrity
26. Sonny Fodera_Soul Good_Amenti Music

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