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>>> soapy - A N L holiday mix (house)


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haven't done a house mix in awhile so here goes it.
funky tunes, some new, some not new.

1. Nick Maurer_Lowride (Soul De Marin remix)_Shak Digital
2. Corduroy Mavericks_Its Not Like That_Deepfunk
3. Dj Sneak_Fix My Sink_Magnetic
4. Kinky Movement_Dakini_Kinjo
5. Tovar_Say Something_So Sound
6. Giom_Ask You_Bump Music
7. Sonny Fodera and Jorge Watts_Mirage_Blockhead
8. Jay West_Underwhite_Bump Music
9. Nick Douglas_Ill Shit (Sonny Fodera remix)_Blockhead
10. Evans, Waterfall_Royal Flush (Strict Border Remix)_Clarisse
11. Le Andre de Paris_Modele_Le Freq
12. Gramophonedzie_Out Of My Head (Libex Remix)_Oxyd
13. Tube Berger_Kreidler Flory_Kittball
14. Kinky Movement_Remember_Funkfield
15. Egosystem_Mostly House_Funkfield
16. Inland Knights and Da Sunlounge_World Go Round_Borrowed Music
17. Bobby Klein_Party All Night_Spatula City

direct download
or listen here
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I really enjoyed the track selection and as the mix progressed I felt it just got better and better!

Well done!