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Hi there!

I am currently making and selling fresh and fruity HANDMADE soaps to help my mother raise money for the "WEEKEND TO END BREAST CANCER" walk benefiting Princess Margarette Hospital.

They come in GRAPEFRUIT and POMEGRANATE...yum! They make a lovely gift for that special lady in your life...


$6 each or 2 for $10

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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put me down for 2 monika!

don't really want the soap but money goes somewhere worth while! and I want to come see Adlyn!
I'll be in your hood saturday.. seeen!
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Is the soap made using Tribe's patented soap recipe? Alex D might be having a word with you about licensing fees... :p

Mike Goodwin

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my girlfriend owns a store and she is intrested in having some to sell. If you are interested in setting something up than send me a PM.
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FYI the bars are 3oz each and 2" x 3" x 3/4"

I can deliver or meet up any where in the downtown core (TTC will nullify the profits unless you'd like to buy a bunch)

Shipping with Canada Post is $6.50 for two.

Thank you so much to everyone who contacted me, I didn't expect such a great interest!

:D :D :D


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I got the best smelling package today!
Thanks so much!
They smell absolutely delicious, and I cant wait to try them out. :)
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TaCk OnE?

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I got some yesterday, I can attest to the fact they smell and look really really good....and they're for an amazing cause.

no reason why you can't spare ten bucks to help out.

Nice to meet you guys. :)



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geminigirl said:
Hey Monika..will you by chance be in Newmarket anytime in the near future. If so..I'll take a few.:)

Im in newmarket right now...and me and my mom have a soap factory going on!

Gimme a call :D


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Allrighty...after an overwhelming response we've made even more soap. We can barely keep up!

If you are interested, the soaps are now being sold at Tellulah Twig.

Tellulah Twig is a fun and unique giftware and stationary shop specializing in handmade artisan fare. Conveniently located on trendy Queen West, this shop is certainly worth a visit. 1662 Queen st. west.