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so you roll up to the club, finally flag down the bartender and order....

Big Cheese

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a double of CC 12 year 2 w/ a few rocks (or jw black if they don't have higher end rye).

dinners, local pubs, business lunches/meetings, i'm sure, diff rules apply. since you don't want the people you're trying to impress see you order a stiff one and light a dart @ 11:30 on the patio on a tuesday morning. but when i hit the clubs, nothing sez loving like long glass of walkerville's finest whisky.

so lads, what wets your whistle b4 you stomp all over the dancefloor?


beer, almost without fail.

but failing that, rum n coke.

occasionally i'll switch it up, and i prob should more often really


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Fuck a glass, I roll in with an IV of firewater and marching powder mix. The sea parts at any jizzoint as they all know how ballin' I am. I also wear a leather jacket and drive a truck.

Big Cheese

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see, gin (much like tanking back domestic beer all night) makes me feel it necessary to take catnaps underneath shrubbery on the way home or i end up sleeping in random peoples bathtubs.

truth be told, i'll drink whatever is clever @ the time, or if they have something good on tap i'll hit it if i'm @ a live preformance or something. but i know i'll give my night some longer legs if i'm sipping whisky so i'll usually bend that way.
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vodka tonics all the way. Hands down the most versatile drink. Hot summer patio, cool swanky cocktail party, just got home from drinking beer all night... works every time.


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Depends on the setting obviously. If they have a good selection of scotch, that's my first choice. Balvenie Doublewood is probably my staple but Macallan, Oban, etc. are obviously appreciated.

If not I'll go with what's good on tap or a Jack & Coke. Lately I've been enjoying messing about with vodka (never really cared for it before). Appleton, Havana Club or CC Black label with coke or ginger is nice too. Tanqueray X & Tonic in the summer, or a mojito if they can do it right.


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Shot of vodka to warm up. Followed closely by gin/tonic -- fuck Bombay. Tanq no. 10 all the way. ;)

That's the warm-up. Then when I'm ready to high-gear it, I'll throw down 2 Sobe's sugar-free arush energy drinks (usually with double or triple shots of vodka) and then it's off to the fuck show.
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why not

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beer most often, but i also like a gin & tonic, rum & coke, dark rum on the rocks with a lime, and on the rare occasion a caesar. lately i've started buying a rye and ginger once and a while.

related question: you're at some event where there's free martini's for whatever reason. what kind do you order? some fruity thing, or the traditional?

i like a gin martini with an olive. i believe i like them on the wetter side, but i don't drink them enough to have a firm opinion. i don't mind when they put a bit of olive juice in it (is that a dirty martini?)


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g & t - preferred Tanqueray or lately, Plymouth.

otherwise I drink whatever's on tap for beer - lager or lighter if at a club, darker at a pub


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Ah, rum too. It's in my Trini blood. If they don't have Puncheon (which, by all rights, they shouldn't) or 151, I'll take Appleton.
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bourbon, either woodford or makers usually. if they don't have that(or if i really feel like tanking it up) then jack will do. all straight although sometimes i'll have some coke with the jack. just started getting into gin and tonic. bombay isn't bad considering a hated gin until about two weeks ago.

scotch is great but i don't have the cash to throw at it and in the end i'd rather go with the sweetness of bourbon. if i'm really feeling like fagging it up i'll have a manhattan but otherwise it's pretty much straight or nothing.


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OTIS said:
Fuck a glass, I roll in with an IV of firewater and marching powder mix. The sea parts at any jizzoint as they all know how ballin' I am. I also wear a leather jacket and drive a truck.
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dark rum + gingerale

i'll drink white rum + coke if there's no dark rum

a lot of bars and clubs only have Lamb's rum.
i can't stand that shit so i drink rye + ginerale.

if the bar isn't very accessible or it takes too long to get a drink either at the bar, or if the service is slow. i'll buy a bottle of red wine.

johnny B rad

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when I go out I like to warm up with a shot of herradura tequila or wyborowa vodka, followed by a few beers. Once at the club it's either beer, rye and ginger, or some jager bombs. Maybe all four. A shot of tequila goes a long way when you're drunk too!
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