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so, you guys don't like war?


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according to one newspaper, this is what happened.

Federal prosecutors have struck a deal with convicted child molester and murderer Philip Casale, offering sponsorship into the Witness Protection Program in exchange for his testimony against ranking members of the Philly mob.

but, if i were a pedophile, i'd make up stories like that. too bad we're all incarnate.
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:) He must be Uncle Jerry!


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^^^^^^^^^^^ OMG! That's hilarious.

Umm... Btw, roo, can you call me asap. Like, tonight.

I need your help with something for the party I'm throwing tomorow.


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I know you're still awake....

Look... I have more equipment to take down there then will fit in a car... and so I need some place to put some of it while I'm not there.

Now... Seeing as how you live just across the street, It would make my life a lot easyer if you could just hold on to it for an hour, while I go pick up the rest.

So please. Call me.


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here's the rest of it.

Once upon a time in Newark, a 10-year-old girl was walking to the neighborhood grocery store when she met a strange man. He offered to give her candy if she would do him a small favor and follow him into a nearby abandoned building.

She followed him into the building, but he didn’t give her candy. Instead, he overpowered her and strangled her with a rope. He sexually assaulted her, beat her head with a brick, pocketed her Mickey Mouse watch, and left her to die.

The little girl’s mother found her and took her to the hospital, where she remained unconscious for four days.

Her attacker was Philip Casale, and this crime was only one of his many criminal offenses.

Last fall, Casale pleaded guilty to the murders of Joseph Sodano, a reputed capo of Philadelphia’s Bruno family, and William Gantz, Sodano’s right-hand man. Federal prosecutors proposed a deal, and Casale agreed to tape-record mob conversations in exchange for promises of leniency and sponsorship into the Witness Protection Program.

The possibility that Casale may be given a free pass, a new name and a new life at taxpayer expense has outraged law enforcement officials, the victim’s family, and the public at large.

His young victim and a store security guard took the stand to identify Casale, and he was convicted of assault and battery, robbery, private lewdness and attempted carnal abuse. Casale served only eight years for the crime.

After his 1985 release from a state facility for sex offenders, Casale set his sights on a career with the Mafia. He managed to steer clear of authorities until the mid-1990s, when state and federal authorities made him the focus of their investigation into the Sodano and Gantz slayings. When confronted with the evidence, he confessed, and federal prosecutors have been only too happy to accommodate him in exchange for his help dismantling the Philadelphia mob.

Those involved with the case are outraged that the authorities would strike this kind of deal with a person with a record as violent as Casale’s. Federal prosecutors seem to think otherwise.

When asked about Casale, assistant U.S. Attorney Laura Kaplan said, “You have to start somewhere if you’re looking to solve unsolved murders and other crimes. Sometimes that means you have to deal with individuals who aren’t upstanding citizens.”

Casale currently awaits sentencing. Meanwhile he has joined the ranks of former Philly boss Ralph Natale and capo Peter Caprio, aiding authorities in their pending racketeering and murder case against former underboss Joseph Merlino and ten other ranking members of the Philly mob.

Casale could walk away with a new life, but his so-called cooperation and assistance may prove to be worthless.

When Casale is called to testify, a jury could hear the sordid details of his criminal career. New Jersey defense attorney Alan Zegas sums it up beautifully. “You put murder and child molesting together and it leads to enormous credibility problems.”

One must question the wisdom of prosecutors’ decision to deal with Casale.

Meanwhile, his 1977 victim is living in terror.

“My sister is afraid to live by herself because she fears this man may come back for her,” said her sister. “Now that he’s helping the government and getting a new identity, he may feel free to do anything he wants.”


yeah octavian i can do that. i wasn't at the computer.
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