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So who's going to rock the boat with Mark Oliver & JELO @ Beats Ahoy 5!?


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May 27th! :eek: First cruise of the summer?! And sick line-up too!

Pretty stoked to booze n' cruise with Mark O, Jelo, & Robb G!:D

Who else is getting their dancing shoes on for this beautiful start to a summer of boat cruisin??
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Some fun in the sun (it better be sunny) on the water along with a wicked DJ line-up like that is a proper way to spend a T.O. afternoon. Im 99% there.:)


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I'm looking forward to this. First boat cruise of the year...and it's during the day (which means no freezing me arse off late at night on the lake)!
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Robb G

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

(I know everyone else is sold out, I do have a COUPLE tics left, I'm busy this afternoon but if you can meet up with me downtown tonight I can sort you out, these are the last of the last tics - PM me).

Can't wait!