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So who else is disgustingly full?


TRIBE Member
Nothing, its the tryptophan (sp) in all the turkey and red wine that is killing you.

I just took a nice nap, and now im ready for action again...

Warm apple pie is in the oven, and should be ready for consuption soon.
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Temper Tantrum

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I'm so full i'm going to EXPLODE

what is WITH this western societal tradition of stuffing one loved ones so full of food and alchohol they become comatose?

Someone get me a wheelbarrow to the hospital STAT

and stuff ;)

But the vino and food were GOOD



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Now hopefully I can setup that gazelle I got to work off the turkey and all that good food.

mmm turkey sandwiches all week.


ginger ale sounds good too.

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I'm still having a staredown with a full home-made from scratch fucking amazing pecan pumpkin pie my BFs mom made for us....it shall not win.
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