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so what to do tonight??


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slacker?? (i'm a 5 minute walk from system right now @ a friends)...

dj heather?? (i'm a 5 minute walk from hush)...




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I enjoyed some conversations, a relaxing bath, reading my new book, finished Call of Duty and now I think I'm going to watch some TV and then crash.

I'm old too :p

pr0nstar :D

Eccentric (LRG)

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you're only as old as you feel...

i'm 21 still......:p
work in ten minutes then, bed, then work at 7 again..:mad:

then a day filled of beer drinking or egg nog and rum ?


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Tuck my wang between my legs and look at myself in the mirror.

What? Morning so soon? But I'm lovely.


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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
It puts the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose again.
Stop it... I can't play my game when you say stuff that gives me wood.


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Originally posted by Isosceles_CAT
I am looking for someone for slaughter and consumption. Anyone?
I'm down.

Eat my eyes and penis last though, because I want to watch and jerk off while you do it.


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Just finished watching the Exteneded two towers, and finished two questions from my Quantum Mechanics take-home. Now I sleep. Next weekend I party...