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So what did you get for Christmas????


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Some of my better gifts were a safety razor (finally) and 3d glasses for my TV and obviously my new baby girl

what did Santa leave you under the tree?
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I was given a Weber portable wood BBQ, so now I'll be BBQing in all of the parks around the city. :D


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mostly bottles...




And a pair of comfy PJ pants.


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the best thing I got was a combo gift containing an amazing bottle of Tequila (Excellia Anejo) and a private cooking lesson at the best mexican restaurant in town (Edmonton).


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A couple of great sweaters, a Chapter's gift card (Woot!) and a set of 'Game of Thrones' bookends - Stark and Targaryen. Doesn't take much to make a geek happy:p
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Hawk Eye

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a chest, two awesome bar stools, games for my ps3, gift card for sport chek, book and some small things. I got spoiled as always. :)

Mind you the gifts that i give are pretty awesome. :D

Bernnie Federko

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We are wrought with great gifts:

New baby girl over here what what :) Also received bourbon, socks, underwear, a new sweater, good quality (and then some of the junky kind) of chocolate... Having Sister Federko in town for the first time in an eon was a special treat... Gift's for myself: I paid off all the outstanding debt (mortgage not included). And I refreshed the memory of Bob to 24 gig DDR3 RAM. :)


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^ awesome job with the debt! Feels great! The in-laws definitely spoiled me this Xmas. I tried to say no to the gifts, but they insisted. I'm not used to really getting anything let alone all this stuff.

I got a heavy duty hydraulic floor jack that I've been eye-balling but didn't pull the trigger on cause I have a smaller one; an Ogio motorcycle bag to carry all my gear in (that was $380!!!); a pretty wicked bottle of scotch (macallan's new 18 year old from their 1824 series); a pair of sorel slippers; a pair of handmade scotch sniffer glasses; and a bunch of stocking stuffers.

Seriously, those white people love their Christmas! My mom got me a burberry belt. It's awesome and if I was as much as a brand-whore that I used to be, I'd rock it with my fancy dress attire. But, I dunno, not to look a gift-horse in the mouth but it's a little too flashy for me.


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flannels - pj's and a dickies flannel shirt
couple shirts for work
a new battery powered can opener
some fuzzy slipper socks
stocking stuffers (new toothbrush, lottery tickets, smelly candles, etc)
a gift card for Marks Work Warehouse
chocolate/ candy (mostly eaten already)
gift card to the Keg
a few types of homemade mustard
a chciken wing cookbook (i really like chicken wings, and am known for making good ones)
Someone at G's office gave him a blackberry playbook (used) so he passed it on to me so I can try it out as an e-reader, and putting movies on etc.
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Sweaters, bamboo undaroos, and a beer cap opener to mount to the wall(excellent!!)

And my gift to myself: Asus T100. It's deec. Never had a tablet before, and this fits my transition. Makes me think of the good ole netbook days but MUCH faster.


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I love giving to kids so this year I got my son a car wash. It's always fun to buy him a present and then put it together, and to have him truly enjoy the hell out of it. Hasn't put it down since xmas day. For the other kids we all got them little gifts they would really like and so far it's panned out. For the adults I don't know why but we're not so focused on the stress of gift giving - we mostly donate a bit to charity (scott + yonge mission) and just do odds and ends, nothing major.

I nominate dec 26th as gift regiving day, no strings attached, just pass it along if you don't like it, even if it goes back to the original giver. I've been given some bad presents before, as I am sure most have.

Congrats to the new parents kyfe and bernie federko - truly the best gift (if you want it - not harping on non-parents just saying if you want it, it really does bring joy to a household)

Bernnie Federko

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thanks Kubatron! so far, so great. consider us as part of the extremely fortunate side of the ledger. Baby F is almost nine months, and I love her so so much, and being her father rips.

As a side note, Santa brought Baby (and maybe her Dad) this doohickey:

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Kuba and Bernie sitting in a tree:D

Congrats Bernie on the kid ours still has the new kid scent <3mths, let me know when you want to get your firearms license and we can hit the range.

Bernnie Federko

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Kyfe wants Kuba's seed all over himself and inside. Pass it on :p

... I'm beginning to learn that a good father knows when to step in, a really good one knows when to step aside, and a really really good one knows when to pack it up and head for the couch. ;) baconpan