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so u think you're a pothead............

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by BreakzBroad, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

  2. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Nice. I got to 10 - 4-way. I can't believe I did that well....

    hehe, I had that bubblegum variety in Amsterdam - and it was like trippin'.

    And one of the questions was "This company is a popular bong manufacturer" - funny, cuz I have a Graffix.
  4. fuzzy

    fuzzy TRIBE Member

    YAY MON!
  5. fuzzy

    fuzzy TRIBE Member

    YAH MON!
  6. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    HEEEEEEEEY it only goes till stage 11.... that sux !!

    "youre a ganja genius"
  7. SlipperyPete

    SlipperyPete TRIBE Member

    jen, you rule
    this was exactly the kind of entertainment I needed tonight

    ...if only you'd learn where the party really is we'd be set! :p
  8. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    I win! I win!

    Er... um... got as far as the game would let me go that is. I was on a roll, that honey bear was mine!

  9. [- FuNKtiOn -]

    [- FuNKtiOn -] TRIBE Member

    thats freakin' wikkid!
    unfortunately I'm at work so I didnt get to play a full game, but I'll have to check this out later.

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